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Gyuri's foreveralone seating worries fans and Seungyeon's camhogging pushiness angers them

Japan's FujiTV revealed how the Kara girls sat on their plane to Japan. According to FujiTV, Seungyeon, Hara, Jiyoung and Nicole sat in one row together, and Gyuri sat a few rows ahead by herself.

Fans thought it was strange that Hara and Jiyoung would sit next to each other, as the two have different opinions on the current situation. Fans were also worried when they saw Gyuri sitting by herself, apart from the members. They wondered if the rumors of Gyuri getting bullied by the rest of the members were actually true.

Source: Joins, Koreaboo

Kara's situation seems to be at a standstill, but fans are finding new evidence that the conflict may be due to friction between the members. Their suspicions increased when FujiTV released a seating chart on the plane where Gyuri sat alone.

However, this time, a fan found a performance of "Pretty Girl" on Music Bank. In the performance, Seungyeon stayed front and center even though it was Nicole's turn to be center, making the formation of the choreography crooked. Nicole was completely hidden from the camera, and in the end she chose to straighten the choreography by going off center.

Gyuri then glared at Seungyeon, and fans guessed it was because, as the leader, she was criticizing Seungyeon for her behavior on stage. This caused Seungyeon to pause for a bit with an unsatisfied face, and be slightly late in coming into line for the choreography. When she did come into line, she gave Nicole a slight push.

When fans saw this, they were extremely angry at Seungyeon and guessed that it was Seungyeon that was causing all the problems, not Gyuri as they first guessed.

Check out the video below. Seungyeon's turn is over at 1:59, but she stays in front of Nicole until Nicole moves in 2:07. Gyuri looks slightly annoyed at 2:08, and gives Seungyeon a glare at 2:12. Seungyeon is late into the line at 2:13, and gives Nicole a push at 2:14.

Source: holypraiselee, Koreaboo
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