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Hyomin apologizes to Seungri

T-ara’s Hyomin recently apologized to her senior, Big Bang’s Seungri, for speaking informally to him on public broadcast.

She recently wrote on her Twitter, “I was in the middle of watching a broadcast, and that day Seungri and I decided to have fun together by jokingly mocking each other and speaking comfortably, but it’s been bothering me cause it looked like I was talking carelessly.”

Hyomin was in fact talking about scenes from the recently broadcast SBS TV’s “King of Idols”, where the two were playing a water game. Hyomin made comments towards Seungri such as, “This guy’s kinda weird” and “He’s dumb.”

Although Hyomin is technically older than Seungri, he is considered her senior as he debuted earlier in the music industry with Big Bang. Hyomin expressed, “We both agreed to do it out of fun, but if it was uncomfortable to watch then I apologize. I hope people do not think badly of it.”

After the show, Big Bang fans mentioned that Seungri was a senior of Hyomin as a singer and criticized her. Fans said "She shouldn't have used banmal even if its a broadcast", "Saw a case of impoliteness, doesn't feel good," and so on.

first post here! i doubt seungri cares though, he's not exactly the most respectful magnae out there, if you know what I mean.... "Top, top, top" lol

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