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2PM's Junsu colloborates with Lim Jeonghee & Kan Miyeon

A couple of weeks ago, we speculated about Kim Junsu of 2PM writing and composing for different artists, as well as himself, based on information in Korea Music Copyright Association website. It looks like we hit the nail right on the head, Junsu has 2 songs that he has written and composed coming out this week.

The first song is Don’t Go written by Junsu and composed by him and One Ways leader Chance. The song will be a collaboration between Junsu and JYP label-mate Lim Jeonghee or J. Lim, and will feature on the Dream High soundtrack. It is an uptempo R&B song that really showcases their singing talent and vocal range.

The second song is one we’ve mentioned before, also a collaboration, between Kan Miyeon and Junsu called Sunshine. The song was entered into the Korea Music Copyright Association site with a slated release for September so fans were puzzled to if they would ever hear the song. The song will be released February 10th and is speculated to be for Kan Miyeons new album.

Don't Go:

Sunshine Teaser:

Article - Hellokpop
Youtube - akilovesSJ2, Sunnyzzang2
Junsu - Jun2daKAY

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