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Han Hyo Joo loves HEAD

Actress Han Hyo-joo showed off her slim legs in a photoshoot.

On the 31st of the last month, there was a hot and passionate photoshoot despite the cold and snowy weather in Seoul. Han Hyo-joo who spent the best 2010, was having a photoshoot there.

She has been chosen as model for the sports brand "HEAD" and perfected the more fashionable S/S Collection. Besides the fact that this photoshoot required lots of energy and passion to portray the dynamic and activeness of this collection, Han Hyo-joo acted like a pro and engaged in the photo shoot with her cheerful and lifelike expressions.

Every cut that was taken was posed with directions from a training coach so it looked more real and sporty.

HEAD showed various light material products with various and bold silhouettes and designs never seen before in this brand. The female line modeled by Han Hyo-joo offers a lighter running as well as a more suitable and active wear for the gym and is seemed to become very popular this year for its fashionable details.

The picture collection of Han Hyo-joo can be seen in the HEAD homepage and on, and in stores all over the nation.

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lol "ilovehead" what an unfortunate name
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