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Kim Hyun Joong will release a solo album; it will be perfect, amazing, shit on all your oppas, etc

'It's Kim Hyun-joong's turn'

Kim Hyun-joong of ss501 has finally started on his solo album after a long await of his solo debut.

According to Kim Hyun-joong, this coming May, he will officially act as a solo singer. He focused on his acting last year in the drama "Playful Kiss". This will be the first time he will show himself as a solo singer besides his part in the group ss501.

According to his company Key East Entertainment, he is currently choosing out the most significant songs out of about a 100 of them. He has also chosen to release an official album instead of the relatively risky digital or mini album. Kim Hyun-joong's idea of his solo album is very sincere.

A spokesperson explained he is finishing up the last of his album and as much as this is the first time as a solo singer, he will show off ballads, dance and many different songs.

Kim Hyeon-joons solo act will be the forth of the members from the group ss501, after Park Jung-min with "Not Alone", Heo Yeong-saeng who debuts solo this end of the month, and Kim Hyung-joon who signed up with Japanese Avex and will debut this comong march.

So besides Kim Gyoo-jong, who will be stepping forward as an actor, all the members from ss501 will perform as solo singers.

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