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ZE:A trolls fans. Dongjun is an Olympian.

ZE:A recently shocked their fans by making a surprise announcement, claiming that member Dongjun would be leaving the group and that they’d be continuing on with eight members. As it turns out, the announcement was just a hoax.

On February 5th, ZE:A’s representatives posted the following announcement on the group’s official Me2day: “As of today, ZE:A will be moving forward as an eight member group with the exclusion of one member. The upcoming fanmeet will be Dongjun’s final appearance with the group, as he will be joining the Korean Olympic Committee. We hope ZE:A’s fanclub makes note of this announcement.”

After fans got over the initial shock, many realized that the announcement was a joke, playing on Dongjun’s impressive gold medal results at the “Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships“. Dongjun had surprised fans and panelists alike by recording 6.02 seconds in the 50m sprint, the closest any celebrity on set came to the world record of 5.56 seconds.

Netizens commented, “My heart dropped thinking Dongjun was really leaving”, “You scared me!”, and “He really does have the skills to join the KOC.”

Tags: sports, ze:a

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