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tv daily interview with infinite

As Infinite, a group created with infinite possibilities and talents, captured many people’s eyes as they revealed their second mini album, ‘Evolution’.

Through their title song, ‘BTD (Before the Dawn)’, they became masculine and showed a dignified look, allowing them to be differentiated from other groups. They are approaching the public with their masculinity. Not only this, but they showed the effort put into this album with their colorful choreography and a performance that overpowers the stage. And the fierce confidence that fits this, is not small either.

Infinite captured a lot of attention with their strong confidence and their efforts on stage. Following this, the public is enthusiastic with their infinite continuations [T/N: continuously going forth] in broadcasting industry, and with more love and interest than ever, Infinite is putting more strength in their promotions.

The group Infinite, have the greed to work harder than now, receive all of the public’s love, and become one of the nation’s singers who are acknowledged by their music. We anticipate their steps in the future to see if they can catch two rabbits [T/N: to succeed with their goals] like their words.

Next is a series of questions and answers with Infinite.

The second mini album, ‘Evolution’, made of only the best songs.

‘Evolution’ is an album with 6 songs in total. We selected the best songs from ones we devoted our heart and soul into creating, including ‘BTD’, and created this album. We ask for a lot of love.

What about the ‘scorpion dance’ that is recently become a hot topic?

For the scorpion dance, we applied a dance from the 80’s and made it. We show this choreography on stage; it’s where you make a circle. For this dance, you need to comfortably place your stomach on the floor and after picking up your leg like a scorpion, you need to use your body’s strength to pick yourself up. It’s not as hard as you may think, and if you just practice it for a couple of days, you can copy it easily.

What do you think about the shooting up popularity?

While doing promotions for ‘BTD’, I think it became a chance to show our own colors. Although we can’t conclude that our popularity increased a lot because we gained many more fans, we hope that there will be good results after working a bit more harder.

A word to your fans

(L) Hello. It’s Infinite’s L. Please love us a lot everyone, and we will work our hardest. I love you!
(Sungyeol) Hello, it’s Sungyeol. Help us! [T/N: to get better results] (Laughter)
(Woohyun) Hello, it’s Woohyun. The new year was bright and Infinite’s currently promoting ‘BTD’ with full energy. I ask for a lot of love for ‘BTD’. Eat well, take care of your health constantly, and eat things like vitamins!

The 7 boys with different personalities and ages, met in one place with music and became a jewel that shines like a 7-colored rainbow. With the magnae that’s still in high school, and the oldest hyung in his early 20’s, you can feel the fresh aura of a boy from infinite (Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, Hoya, L, Sungjong). Different from the charismatic sides that they show on stage, they have a unique cheerfulness that comes from those in their 20’s.

Infinite gave out witty replies with their cheerfulness and playfulness. However, when we started talking about music, even their eyes were filled with seriousness. With their choreography, that seems like they even matched the angles of their fingers, Infinite captured the attention of the public. Besides dancing, they also have a natural gift in writing lyrics. Dongwoo and Hoya personally did all the rap making for all their songs. Hoya also participated in directing the choreography, creating the idea for Infinite’s representative ‘scorpion dance’.

The skilled idols, infinite, who was created with their various talents from singing to dancing, even rap making. We met them and heard about the music that they pursue.

The music that Infinite pursues is?

Just like our name Infinite, which means infinite [t/n: said in korean], (our music’s) colors are infinite too. The genres are infinite too.Wwe’re not limited to one thing and have no distinction of areas and genres. Since everything is our color, this album has all genres from ballads to dance songs.

Infinite’s role model is?

Our role model is the big senior group, g.o.d. We want to become a nation’s group like that, and be something like food [t/n: something you always want, need; can’t live without]. (Like g.o.d), we want to create music that everyone can agree with and we hope to go for a long time.

You’re having a Japanese debut in april, are you preparing well?

We have books and are learning Japanese gradually, but we were already studying Japanese because we felt like it was basic to know it. We are preparing to show Infinite’s own color in Japan’s stage that we can’t show here, and for them to agree with us [our music].

A word to your fans

(Sungjong) We will become an infinite that does our best.
(Dongwoo) Because health is the most important, take care of your body.
(Sunggyu) I really thank everyone for always supporting us and because there’s all of you that love us, I think we can gain more strength and promote our best. I hope all of your goals come true in the new year.
(Hoya) I hope everything you do in the new year will work out well. We will do our best to make this year, Infinite’s year.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
sauces: tv daily 1, infinite updates 1, 2

also, happy birthday woohoo!!
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