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G.NA Talks About Her Big Boobs Again

After revealing that she had D-cup breasts in a previous interview, singer G.NA made many wonder whether she went through cosmetic surgery to achieve them.

She confidently replied, “I’m thankful towards my mother. I lost about 3.5 kg for my comeback, and I was originally a DD-cup, but they shrunk down to Ds.”

Although she’s able to make such brave statements with a laugh now, there was a time when she was embarrassed about it. “I wanted to hide them out of embarrassment. I was known for always wearing black clothing, and it was difficult to dress myself.”

When netizens began making gifs and caps of her breasts and circulating them on the internet, she also revealed that she was deeply hurt. ”My mother visits my mini-homepage, and some netizens even uploaded those pictures on there. My mom said it was disgusting.”

She continued, “I think it all depends on how I present myself. I just have to be confident and make sure that I give off my own feel. I’d like for the netizens to capture my face next time, though.”

Since she has the physical attributes to back up any sexy concept, many expected her to go down the sexy route for a quicker rise to stardom. G.NA thought differently after the disbandment of Five Girls and refused to be that ‘one shot star’.

She explained, “My mom once told me that it won’t be easy for me. I consider my physique just one of the many charms inside of me, but I felt that using that trait was a waste. My days as a Five Girls member is also important, but as opposed to staying immersed in the past, I’d rather work towards the future.”

Behind her sexy and cute exterior lies a tenacious and feisty girl. “I’m strict with myself, so I make myself tired,” she explained. In preparation for her comeback, she’d go on for days without sleep by recording at 6 to 7 AM, and then beginning rehearsals from 10 AM to 1 AM.

Even when composers were leaving her side one by one, she stuck through it and remained in the recording room. ”Being able to do my best like that left me with no regrets and I had a lot of fun. If there were no effects, I’m not sure how I would’ve felt, but since I saw how the album improved, I’m going to continue working like this.”

She concluded, “I’m still lacking in so many aspects that I can’t even name a rival if you asked me to. I will, however, show everyone how much I’m improving.”

Sports Chosun via Nate

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