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The End of the Kingdom of Ends

Kara to resume making money in Korea first, think about the lawsuit later

After returning to their Japanese schedules last week, KARA has announced that they’ll be tending to their Korean activities as well, starting with leader Park Gyuri’s attendance at the “Alpha & Omega” press conference on February 10th.

After meeting with DSP Media on January 27th, the group decided to fulfill the commitments they’ve made prior to the dispute. The continuation of the team, as well as the status of the lawsuit, will be discussed at a later date.

On February 8th, a representative confirmed, “Gyuri will be attending the interview at the press conference on the 10th.“ The girls will also be participating in fan signings, CF recordings, and many other activities over the coming weeks.

Sources: Ppl-who-say-Seungri-ain't-chingus-w/-Alien-Hara!!!akp, Daum

Meh, nothing new, just an excuse for me to take a study break to post this 

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