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Park Jungah and Gil break up

Gil and Park Jungah have smoothly ended their relationship. According to an acquaintance of both Gil and Park Jungah, they explained the situation to Newsen on 8th. They said, "It happened near the end of the year last year. They both started drifting apart from each other and starting this year, they set their relationship straight and decided to end up as friends."

An acquaintance of Gil and Park Jungah said they were once the lovebirds of the entertainment industry but due to their busy schedules, they couldn't meet each other as often. Also, because of their different personalities, they started drifting apart and naturally ended their relationship. It's known that they didn't break up because of a certain argument or a special reason.

Continuing on, the acquaintance said, "Since both of them have good personalities, they still have good feelings for each other. They are currently seeing each other as friends and are rooting for each others' future."

Gil and Park Jungah met back in 2008 during KBS 2TV's "Happy Sunday" corner, "Kko Kko Tour Single Single". After this meeting, they quickly progressed their relationship to lovers.

One companion said, "Both of them didn't care about what others thought and really cared for each other. Although it's sad to see them end their relationship, I hope that many will see them in a good way as they stay as friends."

sources: newsen, koreaboo

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