A Wonder Girls, Kara, & Morning Musume stan. (kat_tunluver90) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
A Wonder Girls, Kara, & Morning Musume stan.

Sohee and Lim are just like us; addicted to Fruit Ninja and Angry Bird


Sohee: It’s easy up to here
Sohee: Is it better if you slice it into more pieces? Oh, I broke the poison. You can’t break the poison.
Jane: Lim is awesome at this game!
Lim: Ahh, I am good at this game!
Sohee: at Hong Kong…
Lim: Oh, I didn’t know you were playing this. I thought you were playing Angry Birds.
Lim: Ahh, I’m…I got over 300 playing for the first time..
Sohee: I…no…I’m dead! Gosh
Lim: hahaha
Lim: It’s better when you use two or three fingers…you can cut more
Jane: You’re going to break poison bottles doing that!
Sohee: haha I know…oh
Sohee: Do you have to keep turning?
Lim: You have to use two or three fingers..
Sohee: Oooh…vertically like that…
All: OohoOOoh
Sohee: How do you kill stuff like that!?
Sohee: She got angry..
Lim: hehehe
Lim: Ahh, I lost
Sohee: What did you get? You only got 164? I got 17-something before
Sohee: Ow…This is when you have to restart
Jane: You have to give u fast..
Sohee: Redo…
Sohee: Ohhh…
Jane: She’s been doing this for an hour and a half…
Sohee: Really? Oh my…there’s things like these?


I see you Lim on Facebook.....

Tags: sohee, wonder girls

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