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Teen TOP continue to stan Big Bang, things takes a sexy turn.

Covering Dirty Cash

L.Joe: I began to like G-Dragon from boy band Big Bang from when he promoted his song "Heartbreaker." He has a very sexy gaze. I had the chance to say hello to him in the waiting room and I was more nervous than when I gave my debut stage performance. Seriously, that was the first time I thought a guy looked so cool. I couldn't say anything to him because I was so nervous and when I get another chance to talk to him...Uhm, I will ask him to memorize my name.

Q: Who are the idol stars you want to get close with?"
L.Joe: "The star I want to get close with is my role model 'Big Bang''s G-Dragon sunbaenim (Real name: Kwon Jiyong). Some time ago I met him and I even took a picture with him. When I see this picture I can only watch G-Dragon sunbaenim. So the netizens left comments such as 'You must be G-Dragon's sunbaenim's big fan'. That's right, I'm G-Dragon sunbaenim's big fan (laugh)"

C.A.P. I want to become like T.O.P from boy band Big Bang. I met him recently at the waiting room for a show and tried real hard to keep a conversation going with him but I felt like a commoner trying to speak to an aristocrat. I dream of performing on stage with him one day but I don't know how that will turn out since both are voices are mid-to-low pitched.

Q: While you were learning and after you learned dancing, who was the dancer you admired?"
Changjo: "I began dancing only in fifth grade, before it I never danced once. Because I gained interest in dancing, I kept on dancing so I eventually dream of being a singer. I began to want wholeheartedly to become a singer in first year of middle school. I admire Big Bang's Taeyang sunbaenim because he has this ability of expressing the dance on stage"

Video: itsteentop2
Original: 1, 2, Asiae
Sources: dkpopnews 1, 2, bigbangupdates

So adorable. And this song suits them much better than Sunset Glow did. Not bad at all.
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