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Yang Yoseob’s perfect reenactment of MBLAQ’s ‘Stay’ leaves Lee Joon embarrassed

BEAST’s Yang Yoseob became a ‘dance copier’. On KBS 2TV’s school variety programme ’100 Points Out of 100′ on the 5th, with guest MBLAQ’s Lee Joon showed of the trademark sparkling dance of their latest song ‘Stay’. Lee Joon was flustered because he received comments saying that the dance was more like a ‘parking attendant dance’. This ‘sparkling dance’ personally choreographed by MBLAQ’s producer Rain suddenly changed into the ‘parking attendant dance’.

Lee Joon’s dance on ’100 Points Out of 100′ was taken aback once again because BEAST’s Yang Yoseob showed off his unusual skill in familiarizing himself with the dance rather quickly. Follow the MCs’ suggestion, ‘dance copier’ Yang Yoseob digested ‘Stay’ choreography flawlessly after a short lesson by Lee Joon.

Lee Joon was taken aback when Yang Yoseob perfectly reenacted the sparkling dance he had demonstrated earlier. Yang Yoseob drew more attention when he also presented Lee Joon’s solo part with 100% synchronization.

Finally, Lee Joon had a hard time when he was asked “Isn’t it your song?”. He merely replied in awe, “Yang Yoseob has skills” and caused everyone to burst out in laughter.

Source:Review Star
Trans: Choi Yoori@AbsoluteMBLAQ forums
Video: UnknownCarrot170
Tags: highlight, tv shows

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