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Jung Juri and Jihyun's "Same clothes, different feeling" pictures have netizens laughing

The recently released pictures of comedian Jung Juri and 4minute's Nam Jihyun wearing the same clothes and posing the same way have caught the attention of netizens.

Ahead of 8eight Lee Hyun's solo comeback, it was revealed that these pictures were released on his official homepage as a teaser for the "You're the Best Thing that I Have" MV.

In the pictures, Juri and Jihyun are seen wearing the same clothes and staring at a man. However, if Jihyun gives the vibe of an innocent girl, Juri looks funny and wily.

Upon seeing the pictures, netizens left comments such as "Humiliated by Jung Juri! Nam Jihyun loses", "Nam Jihyun looks pretty when she looks innocent~~", "I think that their contrasting images are funny"

Lee Hyun will make a comeback soon after the release of his second mini album, "You're the Best Thing that I Have" on February 15th.

Source : Newsen via NATE
Translating & editing : Meeli @4-minute.com

this is qt. also I'm glad Jihyun is getting attention and solo work even if it's just modeling etc. so deserving not to mention diva and hot and sexy and turning me straight rn unffffff

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