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Tears of Heaven post - news, ad & audio recordings

[TRANS] 110205 'Tears Of Heaven' Kim Junsu, Idol? No, A 'Musical Star!'

JYJ member Kim Junsu (Xiah Junsu) has announceed his extravagant rebirth as a musical star through the large-scale production 'Tears of Heaven'.

Kim Junsu plays the role of Jun, a Korean soldier in Vietnam in the musical 'Tears of Heaven' which opened in the National Theater on the 1st. Through the role of the solider who falls in love with a Vietnamese woman Lin, Kim Junsu showcased charismatic singing and acting.

He has already debuted as a musical actor through the musical 'Mozart!' last year. With a caliber not usually found in rookies, Kim Junsu won two awards at The Musical Awards as well as the Rookie of the Year award at the Korea Musical Awards. Kim Junsu, who has proved his potential, has vowed to appear in at least one musical per year from now on. He decided upon 'Tears of Heaven' for his second production.

His slightly unstable and nervous acting at the beginning of the show stabilized as the show progressed. His witty and outstanding ad libs gave a new sense of joviality to Jun and Lin's love. Though he still has minor areas to fix up and put the finishing touches on, he deserves high marks if you take into consideration that this is only his second musical.

Compared to his acting skills which were not extroadinary, his musical capabilities were beyond expectations. This only proved why he's singled out as the idol singer with the greatest vocal talents. His sweet voice in the first act that sang of his love with Lin, and the husky singing style he used in the second act to express a painful parting, mesmerized the ears of audience members. He stood out immensely during his solos in 'Do I have to say' and 'I had to learn', both of which are the opening songs of the first and second acts respectively. He was able to draw applause from audience members from the start.

Kim Junsu's ticket power is also something to be noted. All 15,000 seats of the first round of reservations for 'Tears of Heaven' were sold out in 5 minutes and 3,000 seats for the second round were sold out in 3 and a half minutes. Even the third round of reservations, which opened on the 31st last month, sold out in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. He's shown a ticket power greater than that of Jo Seung Woo of 'Jekyll and Hyde'. The string of sold out performances, which has never happened before in the musical industry, caused scalper tickets to reach prices of over 3 million Won, much to the dismay of Kim Junsu, who said that such a situation was "Unforuntate."


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ADV 30s Spot - Tears of Heaven / audience crying, standing ovation etc ;~;

Fan audio recording. Chronology might not be exact.

Tiger & the Dove - Junsu

Description: Junsu was trying to tell Goong Ju the story about Tiger and Dove using the puppets (From Vietnam's traditional Puppet), but unfortunately in this audio, Junsu broke the puppet right after he finished singing the song, you can hear the laughter at the end of the clip.. But ppl were entertained by this act too ^^

I've Never Loved Like This - Junsu & Gong Ju

Can You Hear Me (Joon's reprise) - Junsu

Can You Hear Me - Junsu, Gong Ju & Brad Little

I've Had To Learn - Junsu

One Word - Junsu

Description: This is when Old Jun (Junsu) came to America and found a beautiful singer at the bar who looked like his late wife Linh, whom actually his long lost daughter Tatiana. He's so surprised and amazed and felt like he's falling in love with her...

Tiger & the Dove (Finale) - Junsu, Gong Ju & the Company

Source: wickedinutopia2 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

The full audio is unbelievable and the entire cast is amazing. The company is mindblowing, I wish there were clips of those on YT so you guys could hear them too ;~;
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