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Hyuna wants Krystal to take her shirt off

A picture involving 4minute’s Hyuna and f(x)’s Krystal has been firing up the internet.

Involving a recent set of photos uploaded on an internet discussion board, netizens have been battling each other by arguing in favor of either idol, as the photos in question show Hyuna pulling forcefully on Krystal’s shirt.


The photos were taken during the filming of Lunar New Year’s special, “King of Idols“, and the two girls are wrestling each other for a game that was played in a swimming pool.

Netizens are questioning the reason behind Hyuna’s action of trying to pull off Krystal’s shirt.  In the pictures, you can see that Krystal’s shirt has been taken off halfway, unintentionally revealing her bikini. They commented, “Hyuna doesn’t seem to have sound judgment. Why is she doing something like this? I don’t understand”, “She’s not just clutching on her shirt. She looks like she wants to take it off”, and “Isn’t it hard to judge Hyuna’s action based on pictures that were taken momentarily?”


Source: Daily Sports via Nate and allkpop

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