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Another Update On Shin Hyesung's 4th Album

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This is Liveworks Company.

We have come with some regretful news.

we announce that the release of Shin Hyesung's 4th album,
initially planned for the end of February and beginning of March,
has been postponed.

Hyesung, who has devoted himself to work on his album after his concert last year
has caught a very bad case of the flu.
We have continued recording whenever his condition let up
but we have now decided that recording cannot continue.

We at Liveworks Company believe that above all else,
the health of the artist should be our first priority,
and have stopped recording for the time being.
We will continue finishing the album
as soon as Hyesung's health has been restored.

We are very sorry to have come back with this bad news
to those fans who have waited for such a long time, and we hope for your understanding.
We will work hard to release the album as soon as possible,
and when recording restarts we will let you know immediately
on the exact release dates of the album.

We hope you also take care of your health,
and as soon as we have the news on the 4th album organized,
we will let you know through our official site.

Thank you.

Source: Liveworks Company
Credits: orisic@shinhwa.biz

I'm sad that we have to wait a little longer but his health is more important. I'm glad that Liveworks is letting him fully recover before resuming the recording. Feel better soon Hyesung!

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