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Big Bang's fanclub 'VIP' floods T-ara Hyomin's minihompy with malicious and dangerous comments

T-ara member Hyomin is being bombarded with malicious hate comments from Big Bang's fanclub 'VIP' even after confronting them with politeness. Her current state of mind was written in her diary and said, "Should I... disappear..?"

On the 8th, Hyomin left a post through her Cyworld, "Should I disappear?" Netizens began speculating about what she said and the reasons behind it.

This is similar to a situation before where she posted short messages without explanations, and it has raised concern amongst netizens. Hyomin has survived malicious comments back to back and fans think that is the reason for the post.

On SBS 'King of Idols', Hyomin was coupled with Seungri in a water course game and said to him, "This guy's weird” and “He’s too short," even though their relationship wasn't significant enough for her to say those remarks.

Shortly after the broadcast, the comments she made angered some Big Bang fans. Because Big Bang is a senior group to Hyomin and T-ara, she should of spoke with more politeness.

Hyomin was born in 1989, making her one year older, but Big Bang debuted three years before T-ara. It hasn't been confirmed if Hyomin had a friendship with Seungri before appearing on TV with him.

After angering fans, Hyomin said via Twitter, "We both agreed to do it for fun, but if it was uncomfortable for you to watch, I'm sorry. I hope that you don't think badly because of this," she said apologizing.

But even after this, Hyomin's Cyworld is full of hate and profanity including threats of violence. Distinguishing between the broadcast and the real reality is when you need to have a mature perspective.

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