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SNSD's Messages to each other and to their fans from All About SNSD

*NOTE* These are the official translations SME provided that were typed out by a kind user on SSF. The originals are in Korean, but they were also translated into Japanese and English for fans so it might sound a little weird.


Dear Girls' Generation

Hi members..I'm always very thankful, but I feel like there are few chances to express the gratitude. We always just play and laugh, but I want to take this time to say this.

First, Tae Yeon, since we share a room and I treasure you! Thanks always and sorry. We spend the most time together as roommates, even more than our families, and I'm sorry because I feel like I'm not so considerate to you. But, I rely on you the most, you know all my secrets, and you're my closest friend Tae Yeon! Thanks always, I trust and depend on you. Love you~

My Ssica(Jessica)! It's sad we didn't get to talk much lately. But as you know, you are precious to me and I always think about you! And although you don't express much, we know you like us, care for us, and think of us as well so no worries~

My cutesy Fany Fany Tiffany~ Mmm... I don't know why my heart becomes emotional every time I see you. You always hold a lot in your eyes. I see you and you seem to be struggling alone within. I wish you wouldn't do that because I care for you, I wish you all the best in your future, and I bless you.

My Hyo Yeon~ You're the ice breaker with your ever bright attitude~ In fact, our fans are the most fond of you... and I'm thankful that you always compliment me on my on-camera skills and try to encourage me. I'm very jealous of your ability to make people laugh with each word. I hope you would show us more of that fun and bright side of you, because you're the best!

My Soo Young~ I always tell you to call me 'older sister' because technically I'm a little older than you, but you still easy of me because I'm shorter~ But really, you're the most mature among us and you take care of us so well. Thanks for always caring like mommy, and I love how you're as deep as you are tall, I care for you... Soo Young, who prays for Girls' Generation every night until sleep, Thanks again~ I'll always pray for you too, warm-hearted Soo Young!

My Yoon A~ I always joke, "you're really pretty... but why do you act that way?" But I really think you're adorable making ugly expressions with that pretty face to make us laugh. I'm really glad our team has a girl like you. My No.! baby sisters are you and Seo Hyun. Who could ever be more adorable than the baby sisters? No one. I really treature you, and you're so lovable~ Do continue to show me that winsomeness~ okay?

Seo Hyun, who I sincerely feel sorry to~ I always make fun of you and pester you, but you always come back to me with a K.O~ I always make fun of your inflexibility and you come back to me with a sting saying you'll start to look up to me. You know I make fun of you because I adore you and I'm comfortable around you. I hope to stay close this way with you, and it's good to teach us older sisters a lesson sometimes! I'm glad I have a sister like you... We are all learning from you, and thank you. Hehe~

My variety show partner Yu Ri~ I made the most special memories with you through 'Invincible Youth' at the countrysides and experienced so much together. I feel like we came to share a larger bond. You seem healthier and stronger than me, and your tanned skin makes you look sexy, but as I come to know you, you're actually weaker and it made me so sad when you got hurt or got sick. I really gave you credit when you came back to the dorm and said " was really fun, right?" Those are the times when you shine the most~ and always keep up the smile, well, your skin is dark, but show a lot of that bright smile. And you know how you say "Fighting! Fighting! Go! Go!" I want to keep seeing that from you. Thank you~

Girls' Generation, my loving sisters! We always wonder how all of us got gathered together. Thanks for filling in my missing qualities, and doing what I can't do, and thanks for always being there... Is it my first time saying this? We had some hard times, but it made us stronger. Those times enabled us to really embrace each other like sisters, and our unity kept us going through the hard times, the good times, and the happy times. I am thankful for those times, and for the times to come. Although I may fall short, I'll keep training myself to be able to give you strength. Thanks so much, and let's stay together forever~ Love you~

Dear. Fan

Hello! The pink hearts I love, our Sone...Sone, my love Sone! Talking to you like this gives me butterflies. Thank you so, so much, I always gain strength from you. And the fans who would be watching our DVD, coming to say hello this way is very embarrassing..and throbbing somehow. It makes me sad having no other way to express my feelings to you... and I want to show you something, anything more. Thank you for loving us the way we are. No one else is as meant to be as us, right? Thank you always, and I feel you on and off stage, when Sone swings pink heart balloons at our stage, I jokingly say you're shaking my heart. That is when I feel the most fluttered and delighted. My source of strength, my batteries...Thank you so so much, and I love you, and I try to return my happiness to you for all the love. I will do my best to show you my better side always, always. I really hope I can return as much as I received. I know very well that you care for us, and I will care for you more. Thank you, and please stay with us no matter who we become in the future. Sa rang hae yo~ Wo Ai ni~ Aishiteru~ I love you~ Challa un~ j'taime~ Ich Leibe dich~ Will this ever end? Thank you


Dear. Girls' Generation

My precious relationship, relationship that's meant to be, the eight sisters... Hyo Yeon, Tiffany, Yoon A, Yu Ri, Tae Yeon, Sunny, Jessica, and Soo Young... You take such good care of the youngest one, me, encourage me when I'm down, and give me adivce. I told you this many times before but ever since I was little, I used to envy other girls who have older sisters, and wished I had one. I'm so happy to have older sisters like friends who are with me all the time. I may be immature and inflexible, but you take my personality as it is and lead me towards better ways as I grow up, and give me advice, thank you sisters~ I will try to be Seo Hyun who is exemplary although I am younger than you. Thanks for giving me so much love when I am less than perfect. I love you all~

Dear. Fan

Hello~ This is Girls' Generation's the youngest, Seo Hyun. It's already been 3 years since our debut. When I debuted I was 17, freshman in high school, living as an ordinary student named Seo Ju Hyun, but the year 2007 has been a turning point in my life. I became a part of the team Girls' Generation, and stepped into the entertainment business, and you all have been such a huge effect on us from day one till now. There's been happy and hard times and going through those times with you, Sone, the happier moments became happier and the hard times, I could overcome faster with your help. I still can't believe I deserve this much love, and as much as you're rooting for me I will take responsibility in what I do, and never let you down as your singer, as your girl, Seo Hyun, and Seo Ju Hyun.


Dear Girls' Generation

Mmm.. First, I'm happy to be able to come to such a wonderful place with the members, and this will be unforgettable.. um... should I be talking formal or informal? Well, since I'm being taped by myself, I'll do a shout out to each member!

Foremost, my rommate Sunny... hi.[haha] Mmm.. You seem to really like tropical fruit, right? papaya, mango, mangosteen... Seeing you enjoying Phucket and the fruits makes me feel good. All the members are bright and positive, but U'm really glad to be roommates with the energizer of Girls' Generation, and hey, we're roommates again in Phucket.. Ah... this is so awkward, what do I say? Ah.. I prepared for this, ordinary interviews are easier, I can't go on blabbering myself... what do I do?

Tiffany... Youwere quite excited before coming to Phucket... We've been rommates for a long time since training days~ It may be because we've known each other for so long, you know how family members usually don't say things like this, like, I like you... or can't really express gratitude, and I feel like I'm like that especially with you. I grew up in Korea, you in the US, and the differences in opinions due to cultural differences came as hard at first but now, after trying to match up to each other, we really have no questions about each other. That's how close we've gotten and I like how we are right now. I like you before when we were trainees, but I like you better now. Thanks for presenting me, and the all of us, with so much memories, and we have a long way to go together, so I'll stop here...

Hyo Yeon~ My little elementary-schooler Hyo Yeon... I said this on TV many times, but when someone asks me "Which member are you the most awkward with?" I answered, "Hyo Yeon." I wonder why? Something happened between us and that awkwardness vanished and I can't remember what was awkward about us. Now... I think the most changed member? Mmm..changed in a positive way, would be you. So I wanted to learn from you and be like you, there's a quality about you. Not that you were negative back in the days...[haha] Thanks for always being the clown for the members. It amazes me how positive you have gotten, and I'm proud of you. The only thing I hope from you is to go slow, slow...

Yoon A! I say this all the time but you have a hard time. Being the one in the middle, the role, and how you might feel as that person must be hard, and I understand because I'm the second child. But you take on that role so well and it's hard to tell if you're my friend or younger because you're so absorbed in us and mingle so well, so thank you. I hope you melt into the team as you do now. Mmm... except those times when you act like a boy, you're perfect. You are born with so much, and whatever you do, you're OK and you're pretty and likeable. Although sometimes you have a timid side, so think broad, broad, and take care of your health. I know you take care of your food, but I feel sympathetic, so take good care of your health, and play that gem role in and outside of Girls' Generation.

Yu Ri~ Hi Yu Ri! I can't forget the first time I saw you. Your first impression... does that make you nervous? To me, the kind smile you gave me felt very glamorous, and I wondered if you were one of us, trainees, and it made such a good and strong impression on me, you seemed so nice, and gentle...I wish I had an impression liek yours, and I love that Yu Ri in my memory. How you always boost yourself up for energy, I'm envious of your self-elevating skills like "Yeah! I can do it! Hooray!" So go on and continue to give strength to the group. You're the best, really~

Soo Young~ Yes, Soo Young... If someone asks me to "say a word to Soo young," I could only think of those days when we went to school together. I worried a lot about who I would be able to talk to and be friends with at this foreign city, and you gradually became that someone I could practice with, learn with, inside and outside of school, with the same uniforms, someone I could really talk to, and that meant a lot to me. I was really grateful for you being there, and it cheered me up. And then we came to be in the same group, Girls' Generation, and I think of you as the second me. Even when we are in a sulk, the next day we forget about it as if nothing happened, which makes me think you're the one with the personality that works with me, but then other times, you're the one with the opposite idea, so when we're in harmony we totally click, and other times we can teach each other different perspectives... and you're a member just like family.

And there's our baby Seo Hyun. Our youngest...
Uh...when I think about you, I feel bad...just by myself...When I think of you, I become sorry because you always say that you're thankful for the eight older sisters you have. I'm very thankful that I'm your older sister as well. Don't be so timid because you're the youngest, and just the way you are now, please do what you want in comfort. If you want to say something to the older sisters, just come and say it. Sometimes I look at you and I feel there is lot to learn from you. Thanks for being that younger sister within the group, you are very much needed~

Jessica, I've felt the same kind of unfamiliarity with you as I did with Tiffany, something to do with cultural differences, and I tried to understand you more, and you're such a character. I'm not the approaching type, so I regret we haven't been too close so far, but like in the movies, there could be an unexpected turn-out, right? I find some unexpected qualities about you-you seem chic on the outside, but you have a softer side. I know I'm lousy at expressing, but you're quick-witted, so I trust you catch my point.

Dear my roommate Sunny... We share the most time together since we're roomies. Before I go to sleep, after all the schedule, when I rest, you're always the one in the same space with me, so I'm really comfortable with you. And comfort means that I need to be aware more because sometimes just because there's the two of us in the room, we talk about so much stuff. I'm thankful that I can let my inner feelings out to someone, even the things I couldn't tell my parents and the fact that I can talk to you means a lot. And you're so mature...more than I had thought. Every day, I think I'm the one with too much thoughts, but you seem to have more cheer me up when I'm down and laugh with me when in joy, so thank you so much...

Ha...Moments like this, I blame my personality. I'm really bad at expressing...
Uh.. so you eight girls plus me makes nine. You're my precious companions. From the beginning we worked hard together, and felt the same joy, and thanks for keeping the spirit up. My personality always gets in the way of saying these honest words, even to family, and although we don't share the same blood, we're family right? It amazes me that we coud be as close as family and it comes so natural to me sometimes. It's awkward to say this with my own mouth, but we're at the age of our lives and it's our time to shine, to be happy~ so I hope we can enjoy, feel, and express. I love and treasure each one of you. Girls' Generation forever~I love you~


Dear. Fan

Ever since the very beginning, the reason for all our actions and performances is you, and you enable us to do it, so you're the source of our energy. I have felt the importance of you since debut and to be honest, there is so much love I don't know if I could absorb it all, and sometimes I wonder what if there is so much space in my love basket? When it gets rough and tiring, your unconditional love keeps us going, thank you. We will try to show you our true selves in return for the love. Not only to Sone in Korea, but to all the people in Asia and beyond all the way to Europe, we will find our fans and let you hear our music. Until then, we will continue to prepare and work hard. Thank you so much for always giving us the strength. I love you.


Dear. Girls' Generation

First, Seo Joo Hyun, our baby Seo Hyun. Mmm... It's been a while since we shared the room, so there's been much less talking lately,mmm...well then, I'll take this chance to talk to you more while we're here. You changed! It worries me~ but I can't say anythign because if I speak off the moment in concern, you might take it the wrong way. But, I'm happy, you're pretty. Seems like you're becoming a lady~ Hehe Just continue to grow up just the way you are now...haha

Secondly, uh~ Lim Yoon A, Yoon A! You're like a... I don't know... I can't say, but you'll laugh when you see this. Just...Just... I don't know what to say, but you know what I mean, right? It's cheesy. (lol fany)

And who else is there...backwards in age... Ah! Soo Young... Soo young is... a girl with very big heart. The member who take me for who I am and embraces me with love. Of course, all the other members do that as well, but I can't live without you crying with me, sharing my pain, and praying for me all the time. Thank you, and stay with me always...

And the next is Yu RI~ Mmm.. Thank you Yu Ri for always staying at home with me. My buddy! My constant buddy... we make a good team, and I feel you understand me. I often say unreasonable things, right? And... I think I make no sense a lot of the times. I like you because you try to understand my incomprehensible sides. Love you!

And Hyo Yeon.. Without you, none of us will be happy. You have so much charm, man, I'm no jokester next to you and that's stressful these days. I gotta learn from you.

After Hyo Yeon, it's Sunny... Ah...why am I so shy? I'm actually good at these kinds of stuff. The members always tell me I'm really cheesy. But it turns out, I'm no good at this. Sunny...I trust you so much I have no worries. We go on our little dates for tea...right? We're the official couple.

And Jessica...Jessie? Jessie is...Jessie I like. We've been together for so~ long. Other girls too, but you and I went to school together, and we do everything together every day. Hey, the fact that I'm quiet doesn't mean I thought no thought, actually, I may have more.

And lastly, Tae Yeon~ She's not here, right? I can't say anything if she is... Tae Yeon, lately we've been quarrelling on and off, right? We've been like this for six years now? We grew up together for six years...and I love our relationship. I'll try to express more, and you too~ I love you so so much, and I care for you, you know that right? Thank you always, and love you lots! The end! (omg the taeny I cannot)

Hi members! We've been racing for three years, and we're here now at a nice place in leisure, shooting. We've been through a lot, and in the future, there'll be hardships and fights, but that's family.. to be honest, right? So let's care for one another more, understand more, pray more, and love more. Why? That's the advantage of being us! We're all we have, and you're all I have. Thank you and I'm glad to have you... As now in the future, and forever more.. Girls' Generation till the end!

Dear. Fan

Sonem it's good to talk to you in a leisurely atmosphere here. First, I know you care so much for us, and thank you in anticipation. We will work harder, and show you more passion. Please give us your consistent love for Girls' Generation, our songs, our all. Thank you for your love for the nine of us.
Bye Sone~

no solo shots ffffuuuu

Dear. Girls' Generation
Well, there are 10-year friends, and not quite as long as 10 years but just as close and familiar members among us. But I can say this, unlike to anyone else who I've been together with for a couple years, that you are as dear to me as my family I've known all my life, and I can't imagine my life without you. First, I didn't know I'd come to think of you guys this way, so I wonder recently what my twenties would have been like without you. In that sense, I am very grateful, and as you may already know, I hope to be as special to you. And I also already feel that I am special to you, thank you so much. Anyways, so I really wish you all would meet great men. Meet great husbands and live happily ever after. Your happiness means as much as mine. So don' get sick, stay healthy, and let's do everything we can together. OK?
So this was grandma Soo Young's wish for members to marry off to nice households and be happy.

Dear. Fan
Sone, whom I can't imagine my life without. Tell me your wish~
Sone, I can't put into words how much I'm grateful for you and how precious you are. Girls' Generation fans are especially loyal in that when we're going through hard times, they don't think to leave us first, but really sympathize with us, thinking 'ah, the artists that I love is going through a tough time, they must be lonely/' I am very moved by the fact that you always try to console us and share the pain with us in any way. You may think we don't know, but we do, and we feel sad that there aren't many chances to express this. But I'll try to express every chance I get, so even though this is cheesy, just hang in there, okay? This has been Soo Young's special Thank to~ Soo young's Thanks To~ I love you all~


Dear. Girls' Generation

Hello Girls. First, Seo Hyun. I feel like we don't talk much. Let's share more in the future and be with us for long, long time. Don't be trapped in your own world, okay?

Hyo Yeon, I'd like to get to know more of your various charms, and stay with us always and make us smile. You are the mood maker of the group!

Really, Yoon A, Yoon A~ First of all, you are the visual representative of our group. I hope you shine our group more in the future. I like how you are friendly with the older girls. Thank you for listening to me and hope to stay together always.

Yu Ri~ You've been working out lately. Take me with you. Take me to gym with you're really the quintessential blood-type AB. I love your laughter and it's fun to be around you. Please don't change that about you.

Sunny~Ah..Sunny..stop hitting me. Who are you to hit me? I'm bad at putting on a mask, and you keep slapping and pinching me at my side. Well, I take it for your expression of affection and from now on, I'll be ready to do the same, so be aware. Haha.

Dear Soo Young who's become less of a best friend over time. Soo Young, you and I have been friends for 10 years, because we met when we were in elementary school. Back then you were shorter than me~ But now you're the tallest one, you've grown. Man, you're a traitor~ Anyways, you, I mean we~ mmm.. can't ignore the time spent together. Now we're roommates and we are specially close, and I'm glad we're in Girls' Generation together, also that we're roommies, mmm...and I like how you speak Japanese well. So teach me lots, and let's be friends for 20,30 years to come.

Dear Tiffany who outshines the jewels~ Fany~ the more I get to know you, and the more you get to know me, we have so much in common and you must also feel that we can rely on each other because I felt so. Did you? So as two English-speaking girls in the group, not only inside the group, but also outside, let's be friends forever. I like Fany a lot and care for you.

Tae Yeon, you always say you have a headache, and it worries me that you may have migraines. I don't know if it's from stress, or else, but eat healthy food, and get healthy. Because I don't know the pain that you're feeling, so health is the best, I hope you're healthy. Bye~

Seo Hyun~ it's me sis~ Ju Hyun~ Seo Hyun~
I wish you'd eat some yummy food, because I believe that eating only the organic and healthy food is not really that healthy. Eat some chicken from time to time with the sisters, eat hamburger, and pizza. You advertise pizza for goodness sakes~ You have to eat pizza. And sufficient amount of cheese and calories aren't that bad for your life. Don't count calories, and be friends with the older sisters. Having your own time may be better for your self-improvement, but in a way, it's better to be friendly person than the geek who studies by oneself like at school. So start playing with the sisters. I love you~

Fans who love and care for Girls' Generation, it's Jessica~ Since debut till now, thank you so much for being with us no matter what, and I don't know how to thank you enough, so I try to show you a better stage every time. We are starting to perform overseas and will be travelling around in many countries now, and I hope that you'll be a stable back up for us. So cheer for us, and we will do our best in return.


Dear. Girls' Generation

Dear our nine members...It's been just over 3 years since debut. I have so much I want to say to you, let's see what first... Our members are always a big help and condolence when things get rough. Not one, not two, but eight! I feel really secure. There had been the long trainee days, but I learned a lot more from our members since debut. How to say things word by word, what gestures are needed on stage, what kind of facial expressions there are... I learned from you. So thank you. It still amazes me how not just one or two, but eight of you give me and each other so much help and joy, and share sadness. I love you as much as my family. This is a gift. I really think these days that I have so many good friends.

Dear. Fan

Dear fans who love Girls' Generation~ And the fans who love Hyo Yeon. The time when I felt that 'wow, I shine on stage, exert charisma, and make pasisonate stage all because of our fans' was at the ocncert. And not only at the concert, but on every stage, when I see pink balloons I feel energized because you wave them with passion. It's truly the fans' energy that makes a fantastic stage. I believe that's the power of fans and thank you for cheering for us whether we're here or there or abroad. I will really never forget you. Sone who run with us all the time, and other fans, thank you so much. Sone will exist as long as Girls' Generation exists, right? I believe so.


Dear. Girls' Generation
Tae Yeon, what I recently feel from you is that you have changed a lot compared to the past, and I like that change. I don't know how to put it into words, but you're different. It's like your heart opened up? So I love that, and you're always the 'stay-home' member with me, watching TV... let's study what we could do outside that's fun.

Ssica, you took good care of me since I was a trainee, and you're really caring. Like your sister Krystal, you come off as cold and chic, but when we're together, you're almost too soaked in us to the point where we feel bad. You act like a freak and make jokes, when you weren't that kind of person to begin with. So I feel bad, but I like that side of you~

Sunny, you and I are alike in a way. You have the tomboy side, buy you're organized and smart. Sometimes I feel you're the brain of Girls' Generation, and you use pretty words. So use some of those pretty words to us.

feel we've gotten closer since I started going to church with you, and I learn how much you mean to me. My sister likes you a lot.'re always bright, and you're grown up so much at one point it amazes me. Everything about you is so pretty~ and you're the kind of sister I can talk to when I'm troubled. you're the best~

Hyo Yeon, we used to go out together a lot, but didn't have a chance lately. You are really homey, you'll be a good housewife and you're so organized. You don't seem like a blood-type AB, but sometimes you really seem like one. There's something unique about you. I'm a type B so I have multiple identities, and you, you're weird yourself. Hope you stay the energizer you are with your brightness.

Yu Ri, you're my roommate, also someone who's had a long conversation with me last night when we got here. think of me a lot, and we talk about so many things to each other. Or utmost necessities are low light and music, and if you didn't sleep so early, we'd talk a lot more, so cut down on that sleep, and push back that sleep time~ Let's find a new fun topic to discuss.

Soo Young, you're the one I feel sorry to all the time. I've blown off our dates and promises many times...well, I've done that to all our members, but Soo Young, I feel you've learned a lot from going to church, and I feel I should learn from you because you seem very firm in your mind. So when our members are in complication, you resolve the situation with one word--you're that necessary person. I hope our members can learn a lot from you, including Japanese, so study hard to represent us.

Seo Hyun, you have your own world, a world to which people couldn't get used to, but now I feel like you know. Not that it's bad at all, but you're especially standard, rigid, strict, and goody-goody, which we all thought was so unique. On one side, I think it's better you're that way because us others are always such a mess, fooling around, and I worry you might learn that from us. You may be the youngest in the group, but I think you have the charisma to lead the group. I'm sure there are hardships in being a youngest one, but hang tight and mingle with us.

Mmm..and to myself~I'm so cheesy...haha!


And our fans, Sone. Sone is a name wellmade. It's pretty, and it suits the pink balloons. I worried I should be like someone else in fear of losing my fans who got tired of my unchanging self, but you tell me "You don't do that, it's okay" and I'm sorry, but you keep me going. I always say this but the warm letters and support you've given us through the hard times have really helped us, thank you, and I've cried a lot reading those notes. Through the troubles...Thank you. I hope this continues. Ah~ I love you, please understand, I'll try harder to show it. Bye~


Dear. Girls' Generation

To you guys,
Uh..I've been saying thanks a lot recently, so this cheesy time may not come off as a shock to you. Just get used to it. First, it's been three years since our first steps, and watching us nine girls grow up as we did together, I am proud and I think I would have wished to be in this group if I weren't. I've spent half of my 21 years of life with you, and during that history, I'm glad we've made so many good memories. I'm really glad to be part of the group, not just because it's Girls' Generation, but because the group is made up of you guys. Thank you~

My roommate Yoon A. Yoon A~ when I look at you I feel the world isn't fair, it really isn't, and you're the epitome of that-you're a mystery to me, how can such a beautiful girl exist? You're well-mannered, and nice, and you feel like a 10-year old friend. We click together, and as your roommate, every night, it can't be more fun. Let's talk more in the future, and tell me if anything troubles you. Okay?

Tiffany, bling bling like jewels, Tiffany. We've gotten closer those days and talked a lot more. And you're more thoughtful than you seem. It's almost like you don't know hardship or sadness because you seem so bright on the outside, but you pull through it all, and you're always thankful, and I feel there's a lot to learn from you. You are a big strenght. Thank you~

Hyo Yeon~ Our Hyo Yeon. Watching you these days, I think you look happy. I knew your hidden talents, and now they are bursting out. I knew you were in for good. You'll do better. And we have preferences in common. We love dancing, and I'm really happy when I dance with you.

Our baby sis Seo Hyun, you are so not like a baby. You have deep thoughts and you're more mature than us older girls, and that's really good. It's good to watch you develop yourself and study hard. I want to take this time to say I'm sorry, and I won't nag you as much. So please throw away your sweet potato peels in the trash, and your banana peels. Okay? I believe in you~and Seo Hyun, you are getting prettier by the day, I'm getting insecure. When I see how much you've grown, I feel like we did a good job raising you.

Tae Yeon, you sing for Girls' Generation. So thank you, and tell me if anything hard come up. My ears are always open. Like this big~ flap flap~ okay? I hope you'd tell me, and if that's hard, I'll step up first, right?

Sunny, Sunny is very considerate. Where did you learn to be so considerate? I think you're a big energy in the group, because when I shared a room with you, I can't forget how you used to never turn the light on when I'm asleep when I always turned the light on whenever. You're such a generous person.

Jessica, as a result of my long observation of you, you're a very attractive girl. You seem cold on the outside, but you're soft inside and that's attractive. So cry a lot more~ You may seem like the complaining type, but no. Thanks for always following the team.

Soo Young, man, all of you are such good friends, more than good colleagues. Especially Soo Young, you have similar thoughts as me. I think of you the first when in doubt. I like to get advices from you. Soo Young, though it may be too much on your shoulders, it's the time to show your hidden card. Teach me too, and best wishes for Japan. I love you~ Girls' Generation is the best~ I'm happy to be a part.

Dear. Fan

My love, Sone. You're the star of the day. You're the reason Girls' Generation moves forward. Good to meet you. We're in Thailand. We came to shoot a special video for you.

So yes, my dear Sone, and all the Girls' Generation fans around the world. As I do what I love to do the most, I never know how much happiness it is to be loved. Thank you so much, and thanks for letting my feel this happiness as Girls' Generation. Every time I get on stage, I feel what it is like to do what I love and be loved in return. Thank you again and I will put in all my efforts to give back to that love, so that you can feel proud as our fan, I'll be a great artist. Thanks in advance for your continued love and we have more in store. I love you~ Bye Bye Bye~

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Such genuine and precious girls. ♥
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