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Actress Kim So Yeon talks about her appearances in 'Athena'; says what everyone's thinking

“The drama is riddled with loopholes but even I was surprised at the good response we’ve been receiving. All actors are doing the best they can. Lots of interesting plots are slowly coming through in the drama too, so I think it will turn out great. I’m looking forward to it.”

Actress Kim So Yeon, who is currently receiving explosive attention for her short but sweet role in the SBS drama, ‘Athena: Goddess of War’, recently stated in a surprise interview, “I was personally really happy to be able to consecutively film for such a good drama. I want to thank all the staff members who do their best in making the drama seem like a movie. I want the viewer ratings to jump as much as my gratitude.”

Although her appearance in the show’s most recent episode lasted no longer than 10 minutes, Kim So Yeon left a strong impact on the viewers with her captivating acting. Not only netizens, but also various celebrity associates gave her their “infinite trust” and she quickly became the “Finale’s Heroine.”

“I don’t have a scene in next week’s episodes, but I appear in two scenes in the very last episode. I think it’ll come out really awesome, so please look forward to it. What it’s going to be about is a secret.”

When asked about her future productions, Kim So Yeon answered, “Nothing particular has been decided. The staff at the company are still in discussions, so I think we’ll come up with a good decision soon. Rather than me choosing just whatever, I want to do my best in what I can do best. I think fans give me credit for my hard working, not for my good acting.”

In “Athena”, Kim So Yeon’s character throws away her past as one of the best secret agents and flees to New Zealand to live peacefully with her husband and child. However, the happiness is only temporary as she is drawn back into the whirlpool with her past colleagues, Chul Young (Kim Seung Woo) and Ki Soo (Kim Min Jong).

Source: Allkpop

Oh this show. I can't even. It's like a lava lamp of WHUT
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