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Seungri plays with IU’s hair

A photo of Seungri and IU is gaining attention on portal sites at the moment.
This photo was taken from the Lunar New Year special “Idol athletic championships” and Big Bang’s Seungri is playing with IU’s hair.
Netizens commented “How dare you play with IU’s hair?” “Stop your hand”

Seungri on ‘Taxi’, “Me and G-Dragon went without talking for 3 months”

With a comeback of after two years, Seungri appeared on tvn’s talk show, “Taxi”.

On February 10th at midnight “Taxi” will broadcast in which Seungri touched on the topic of the incident where he impolitely said “TOP TOP TOP” and gave an explanation for it.

At TOP’s birthday party Seungri received a call from his friend and answered “I’m at TOP hyung’s birthday party“. Seungri explained that usually his friend can’t hear things very well so he had to shout “TOP TOP TOP!”

Seungri also mentioned, “I’ve never grilled meat“. Because of an incident he had for this he said, "after the incident I went online to search ‘how to cook meat’ and played online games to learn".

Additionally Seungri shared a story about his cold war with G-Dragon pre-debut. “After joining Big Bang and living in the same apartment, me and G-Dragon went without talking for 3 months“. “But one day while we were both watching a drama we were fans of, “Goong”, we naturally started being friendly“.

Lastly Seungri shared that during his solo career promotions for “Strong Baby” he confessed he felt he was unwittingly becoming more arrogant. He revealed a time where G-Dragon said, “It’s good to go solo but avoid doing anything that will make Big Bang look bad“, Seungri confessed he had been hurt by that.

lol irl

smh at netizens
on the plus side, this line is pure win XD 'I went online to search ‘how to cook meat’ and played online games to learn'

sources article1: ibigbang | dkpopnewsTranslated:

sources article2: ibigbangTranslated: alee@ibigbang | tvdaily
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