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Dongwan and His Fans "Squabble" Over Sulli

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The interesting “psychological battle” between Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan and his fans has turned into a hot topic lately.

Footage of Kim Dongwan’s first post-military service fanmeeting in Seoul was unveiled on KBS2′s Entertainment Relay. Kim Dongwan, who was recently discharged from military service in December, chose KARA’s Han Seung Yeon and f(x)’s Sulli as his “energizers” during his service period. When Kim Dongwan justified his choice with the reason that “Sulli has a pretty face”, he was greeted with playful jeers from the fans who said, “She can be your daughter!”

Kim Dongwan got up from his seat and yelled in mock rage, “I don’t mean it that way!” – leading to an adorable squabble with the fans. The unexpected “standoff” between Kim Dongwan and his fans has amused many.

Netizens who saw the footage commented, “You can feel their affection amidst the noisy banter”, and that “Kim Dongwan and his fans are really adorable”.

Sources: Sports Chosun + Absolut Shinhwa

LOL I found this to be hilarious.
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