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Shin Hyesung Will Be On MNet's "Director's Cut"

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Singer Shin Hyesung will make a comeback with an appearance on the 11th Feb episode of Mnet’s music program ‘Director’s Cut’. He recently recorded the first episode of the show in Mokpo.

According to the production team, “Shin Hyesung, together with MCs Yoon Jong Shin and Harim, as well as guitarist Jo Jung Chi, Lyn and ZE:A member Hwang Kwanghee, all participated in the production process of the 2011 remake of the classic “Tears of Mokpo”. Shin Hyesung’s enthusiasm is evident as he even prepared materials about Mokpo before the trip.”

In the first episode of the show scheduled to air on 11 Feb, Yoon Jong Shin manages to speak to trot legend Nam Jin who hails from Mokpo, and hears about his memories of Lee Nan Young, who’s the original singer of “Tears of Mokpo”, and other heartwarming stories.

Sources: Osen + Absolutshinhwa

Well this is something to tie us over until the official comeback. And OMG Lyn and Kwanghee were there too!

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