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tv daily interview with infinite, part 2

(continuation of this interview)

The 7 boys who made the hearts of girls beat with their innocent and fresh charms last year, Infinite, has returned as ‘fierce men’ with a dark charisma that makes the hearts of girls flutter.

Through their second mini album, Infinite armed theirselves with a detailed choreography that seems like even their finger angles are matched. As almighty-dols that can sing, dance, do rap making, and have variety show skills, which is the trend these days; they give off a cheerful feeling.

Starting from the leader, Sunggyu, who captures all the members with his charisma even at the young age of 23, there’s the genius Dongwoo who does things ahead of others, and the multiplayer [I think they meant tasker] Hoya, who did the rap making and participated in creating the choreography. Woohyun, who is in charge of comments with his witty remarks and Sungyeol, who received a nickname of ‘choding’/elementary schooler’ for having an innocent charm like an elementary schooler. L, who is in charge of the visuals with his prince-like looks and the magnae Sungjong, who gained the nickname ‘여굴남’ [T/N: (여자. 굴욕주는. 남자.) a male who makes women feel ashamed] because of his looks that are prettier than a girl’s. Just like their name, Infinite’s charms are really infinite.

After receiving attention with their group dance on stage, they shake hearts off stage with their unique cheerfulness and playfulness that comes from boys. Infinite who said, “We want to become the nation’s singers like G.O.D, and something like food [T/N: needed to live].”

Once the members were asked about their humane charms, in the recent interview with TV Daily, Infinite’s L cheerfully answered, “Charms? Well first off, our magnae Sungjong is innocent enough to believe everything that the hyungs tell him. And although Dongwoo hyung does idiot/fool-like actions, I really think he’s a genius. He does things before others that we couldn’t even think of.”

Woohyun helped with this. “Sungjong is innocence himself, and Dongwoo hyung is in charge of the reactions in Infinite. He’s like an energizer. Because Sunggyu hyung’s leadership is outstanding, if any member is out of step, he fixes it well like he’s matching a puzzle. He listens well to our words and even gives us advice. He’s a person that knows when to bow his head down when necessary. And for something he wants to do, he has the tenacity to pay attention to only that and not care about anything else. On the other hand, he also has a mischievous side. I think Sungjong has cried about 10 times because of hyung’s pranks.”

After saying, “Hoya an almighty, talented person who has a lot of masculine sides to him, good at sports, and there’s nothing he cannot do. It’s a hunting dog-like charm,” the members all laughed as if they agreed with it. They seem like blood related brothers because of how they know everything about each other.

“When fans see L, he may seem good-looking and arrogant, but he’s actually clumsy. He has a lot of weak points and many cute sides. However, he has a strong sense of responsibility, so he does well on work that he’s assigned. Especially organization…” Woohyun continuously complimented L without taking a break. “If I don’t clean the room, I get in trouble,” Dongwoo, who shares a room with him, complained.

Leader Sunggyu added on, “Sungyeol is tall and is good-looking. He’s innocent and if he does one thing, he never gives up on it and finishes it. Woohyun is our team’s nuclear weapon. He triggers laughter from being clumsy, so you never know when he’ll explode.” (Laughter)

They have all sorts of charms. Infinite, who laugh and talk as they pick out each other’s charms, has their own color, but they seemed like a 7-colored rainbow that shines brighter when they are together.

Break-Out Boy. With a beauty that puts women to shame, Infinite’s Sungjong is the talk of the town. During the most recent interview between TV Daily and Sungjong, his slender figure and fair skin caught our attention.

Despite the tiring schedule due to their soaring popularity, Sungjong’s skin was still like a baby’s and his eyes were sparkling. He smiled and answered with a resonant voice when asked how he maintained such a beautiful appearance, one that destroys the confidence of other women.

“You must get a good night’s rest and must always be positive and optimistic,” said Sungjong with a shy smile. At this response, the mischievous members (of Infinite) could not stay still. “A desire to become prettier and endless monitoring is the secret. His waist size is 25 inches. Or was it 24? If his butt was a little bigger, he would have the golden ratio that girls envy.” They poked fun at Sungjong, but you could see that the older members really cherished the maknae.

“I don’t dislike my feminine image, but I don’t really like it either. That’s why I exercised diligently. I want to be manly this time around” (Sungjong). Maybe that’s why he wants to add “beastly” as an adjective in front of his name along with his sexy, but manly image.

Or, maybe it’s because he has been exclusively in charge of the cute image. Sungjong has taken an active part in the entertainment industry. He captures the attentions of the audiences with dances that surpass 2AM Jokwon’s and tongue-in-cheek eloquence. “Because I like dancing, I even practice the dances that I want to show on different shows.” Continual practice is Sungjong’s know-how in the entertainment world.

“Sungjong gives great reactions and can also speak well. That’s why he appears the most on shows between the members.” Woohyun makes it obvious that he adores the maknae. “In the entertainment industry, you must have no fear, and it seems that you shouldn’t have any thoughts either. Sungjong does well in this industry because he has no fear,” said leader Sunggyu.

Sungjong, who is still a high schooler, went through puberty with his members too. “Although Sungjong’s in a ‘I’ll do everything you ask me to’ mode right now, but when I asked him before, he’d say ‘I’ll do it’, and then grumble in the back. But since we were taught in a Sparta-manner and no one comforted us, when puberty came around, it was put it away quickly.” (Sunggyu)

“That was the prime time of my puberty. Looking back, I think ‘why did I do this’ and regret it too.” (Sungjong)

Sungjong, who went through puberty with his members, has graduated from his high school. It’s the time to think about his career path. Sungjong revealed his education plans, “I plan to go to college. I want to go into the video arts field.” Sungjong, who is enrolled in Jeonju Arts High School right now, is the junior of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Seohyun. What did he feel when he saw a school senior at the broadcasting studio. And after they all reached their dreams [T/N: became singers]. “I met the two seniors at the hair shop. But I couldn’t say anything. Because it hadn’t been a long time since my debut at that time, the level was different.” (Laughter) Seems like he’s still shy to face his seniors.

The 10’s, when you wander around a lot and have many dreams. Sungjong, who gave up his life as a student and had a trainee life in order to make his dream of becoming a singer come true, still had a boy’s fresh and innocent charm to him.

trans. cr; jihye, hyejin
sauces: infinite updates 1, 2
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