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On how he seems so mysterious to the public:
'I'm not mysterious on purpose, but considering the absurdity of my business, I want to keep my privacy from the public. As opposed to the past, artists now can let the public get to know them through variety shows, the web and other channels, becoming as close to each other as friends. Of course, it's nice to be friendly, but as an actor, what's more valuable for the public to see, what they can gain more respect, should be what he can portray through his characters from his work. I'm hesitant to let you see my usual self. If the audience has an image of me in private, this is not advantageous towards my performance, and may have a negative impact on the characters I'm trying to create. Also, because of my own personality, I'm very afraid of my normal private self being exposed. That's why I seldom appear in public, and therefore appears to be very distant. I do not have a lot of secrets, nor am I pretending to be mysterious.'

On how he's been playing characters very bottled up, Joo Won is the only character that'll state everything on his mind. and if it's easier to play Joo Won.
Yes, if you paid attention, that's really the case (he played bottled up characters). But there's no such thing as an easier or harder character to play. Every character has aspects that require attention, its own interesting quirks and charm. If I had to make a comparison, the mental patient in 'I'm Happy' is the hardest, and I take up the role exactly because I want to train/challenge myself. After that role, I've a new insight into how to interpret my characters.'

On what is acting to Hyun Bin:
Actually, I find acting fun just very recently. I've always thought acting is extremely hard, I don't feel a lot of enjoyment doing it. But now acting has become fun. Not only can I be the real me in the real world, I can also live in the world within my work as my character and feel the happiness as them. This is a gift as an actor, like 'a new life'. Therefore, I'm beyond happy to share the happiness, a resonance with the audience with this great project (Secret Garden).'

Hi-res photos:

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