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Seungri explains the "TOP TOP TOP" incident, reveals more stories.

Seungri: You know when interviewers ask if I have a girlfriend and I say stuff like "No, because I have my fans!" Yeah...that's all a lie.
Interviewer: LOL

Seungri: Yang Hyun Suk President usually doesn't compliment very much so that I can keep improving.
Interviewers: Were there any instances where the president complimented you?
Seungri: Two times. The first time, when Big Bang had a performances with Lee Hyori with U-Go-Girl in Seungri style, YHS said I did the best. I couldn't really control my face because he said it in front of all the staff. So after that, I got an opportunity with Strong Baby.
Interviewers: And the second time?
Seungri: In the YG Family Concert, his wife Lee Eunjoo noona came. So as an adlib (he did the YHS parody), just with his same voice, I said "Eunjoo, I love you." So with that.... the opportunity for VVIP came.
Interviewers: LOOLOLLOL

Seungri: I heard a lot of criticisms like i'm a kid trying to seem like an adult. So I thought, it can't continue like this. I must meet a girl. So...I went to a night club. But I got really unlucky and messed up. Do you know 1tym's Song Baekyung? Well, someone called him and said "Hey, isn't Seungri in your company? He's at a nightclub right now." This was still when YHS was living with him so...
Interviewers: OMG [lol srs best explanation for their reaction]
Seungri: So he [YHS] lined all of the Big Bang members up and said, "Anyone who thinks they did something wrong, step in front of the line." And for some reason...TOP hyung followed me over the line.
Interviewers: LOLWUT
Seungri: I think YHS was confused/embarrassed, because he was only supposed to scold me. So he said..."Tabi... just go in there for a moment." Then he turned to me and scolded me and said "what do you think you did wrong?" I answered honestly with "I went to a ball [lol this is the literal translation, but just think of it as a dance night club]. I did it for the experience." So I said it won't happen again, etc. It ended like that. I still don't know what he did wrong.

He also talks about how he was super thankful for GD's 30-line message criticizing Seungri's comeback stage and nearly cried because he saw how much GD cared for him.

They ask about Japan stuff and Seungri says "one time, the director told us to look through the magazine and if we wanted to meet any of the models, just pick. TOP was flipping through the magazine and said... 'this one, this one, this one, and this one....' So I said 'hyung! You said you had no interest in women!' and he said 'I mean... this person has a good style."

He also mentions that it's not fair how his hyungs reveal everything embarrassing about Seungri but Seungri gets scolded when he says stuff about the hyungs. After that the interviewers ask about what GD said about him and he says that GD always said "Seungri keeps taking my clothes." Seungri says "but now... it's turned around, he keeps coming into my closet and taking my clothes. I felt good/proud/heartwarmed about it because I used to copy him all the time and now he acknowledges some of my style..."

Video: TheYGcrew@YT
Translations: finkling@LJ

I can't freaking wait for the Strong Heart episode with GD!
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