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Rana, Bini, and Erin leave Nine Muses. Fans left heartbroken.


Nine Muses‘ Bini, Lana, and Hyemin have declared that they will be leaving the group in order to branch out into other areas.

Bini alerted fans of the career change through her personal mini-homepage, as she wrote, “I am no longer red haired, or a singer anymore.” The post had netizens wondering if Bini was planning to leave the group.

Their agency, Star Empire, clarified on the matter through Newsen on February 11th. “Bini, Lana, and Hyemin are not leaving the group. They’ve always had an interest in acting and modeling, so they will briefly be taking a break from the group in order to pursue those areas. Depending on what happens, they might return to Nine Muses.”

The three are also not participating in the group’s next album, as representatives continued to reveal, “They are not joining the group in their rehearsals, but they do visit the company and keep in contact. They will remain under Star Empire.”

Star Empire hinted at the possibility of additional members by stating, “Nine Muses is always open to new members, so a new member might be added for their next album.”

The group is currently collecting tracks for their next comeback.


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