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this is a princess suzy centric post!

The hit drama “Dream High” has also become widely popular overseas.

Recently, it was revealed that KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” was exported to Japan at a higher price than “Chuno“. On February 10th, KBS Media’s Director of Overseas Business, Lee Hyo Young, stated, “The broadcasting rights to ‘Dream High’ have been sold to Japan, as well as Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Cambodia.”

He revealed, “The price of exporting ‘Dream High’ was higher than last year’s highly popular drama, ‘Chuno’. Through ‘Dream High’, viewers can enjoy both K-pop and drama, which is why its value has increased.” Although there are no Hallyu stars, 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon and miss A’s Bae Suzy have been attracting much attention.

Through observing the export process of ‘Dream High’, one can clearly sense the strength of K-pop and the potential Hallyu stardom of Taecyeon and Suzy. It was also revealed that contracts are in the works to export ‘Dream High’ to Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

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Actor Kim Bum and miss A have come together once more for EDWIN’s spring collection.

The theme for their third photoshoot was “JOURNEY TO THE NEW EDWIN“. Pieces with an ‘urban chic look’ were used to carry out the feel of a vintage getaway for those searching for the warmth of spring. Judging by these sample shots, it looks like EDWIN focused on patterned shirts as the base, and then balanced it with layers of solid colors.

Both Kim Bum and miss A were said to have enjoyed the photoshoot, and Kim Bum especially received praise from the staff for his impressive model-like proportions.

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk will be making a cameo appearance in KBS 2TV’s “Dream High“!

On February 11th, the PD for KBS’s cool FM’s “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (89.1 MHz)” wrote on his Twitter, “Tonight’s ‘Dream High’ recording features IU and Suzy’s appearance on ‘Sukira.’ They said that it’s a part of next week Tuesday’s episode.”

In response to a fellow PD’s question, the PD continued, “They said it’s only a brief appearance. I’m seriously considering putting an ‘89.1′ sticker on the DJ’s foreheads.”

Fans of Super Junior commented, “I’m really excited for their appearance on Dream High,” “I must watch the broadcast,” and “Are they finally making a drama debut?!”

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miss A’s Suzy’s elementary graduation photo has been a hot topic recently, as her picture was revealed through various online entertainment sites.

In the picture, Suzy is sporting a shoulder-length shaggy hairstyle and is wearing a mustang jacket over her red shirt and tie – showing her innate fashion sense at a young age. Her perfect skin and soft features are also similar to her current look, causing netizens to fawn over her.

Netizens commented, “She was so cute even when she was young”, “There are many situations when pretty children grow up to be ugly, but Suzy grew up well”, and “She looks more mature when she was in elementary school. She must be getting younger with time.”

Suzy is currently starring in KBS 2TV’s “Dream High“, where she is continuously showing her evolution as an actress.

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this post was brought to you by the maknae dancing tell me.
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