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S.Korea, France and K-pop are a serious business now.

“We want to spread Korea’s mainstream music outside of Asia into Europe and America. We hope 2010 will be a year where the hallyu wave will spread further.”, said Na Moon Sung of the Korea Creative Content Agency when it was announced that Epik High and f(x) were going to perform at Cannes' Midemback in 2010. (1)

Seems like Mr Na and KCCA's objectives weren't that surrealists. Here's some recap of what we already knew (MIDEM, tv news, ... ) but also unseen stuff here on omonatheydidnt from 2010, and crazy news from January and February 2011.

January 2010

Epik High and f(x) performs in France, Cannes, for MIDEM, International music festival.

Article and Performances

Mars 2010

T-Ara appears in a general/world investigation magazine.

Translation: Girls band of korean girls. "Fake high schoolers but true koreans, T-Ara could sing the strong comeback of girlsbands. Those six young Lolitas produced by a major from South Korea, play the Spice Girls on stage and on TV. After one year of career, they already won a lot of awards. At the beginning of the year they won 3 locals 'Victoire de la Musique'. And with this latest MV, they set out to conquer the big international dancefloor." (note: "L'Effet Papillon" is a nice doc/report tv show and they bring out many news from all over the world. But in my opinion -though i adore them- they tend to be a bit cynical and here, not well-informed, so considering who watch this show, i can't define if they mock them a bit or just give us a random information -cause they often do this.)

June 2010

Beast parodied on french musical show.

Video here (starts at 3:55)
Enlightment: Taratata's guest on that day was a group called Beast. In the intervew they are asked why did they chose "beast" as their band's name. The MC Nagui then tells them that a lot of groups are called BEAST, "Veronique find them and they aren't happy at all" . Whit what he introduces a kind of parody, making fun of BEAST/B2ST. The journalist speaks as a stereotyped fangirl saying: "Beast isn't a french-canadian band at all but an authentic korean boysband, look!! It even looks like they'll invade Europe!!". She pursued saying the boys were quite freaked out when they learned that the duet stole their name. Then they speak over the boys' voices with teens/kids voices, saying that their name has been stolen. When Gikwang appears, they make him say: "Am so upset, cannot be two beast.. hurry come here if you're a man" . The journalists then say the ydon't have to worry, since they don't have the same universe, style nor face, people won't misunderstand. 4Minute girls also appear on screen with fake subtitles saying: "Nah but there's place for both!!". Then, when Beast do their greeting in the video, the voices make them say that they accept to change their name to "BEAST & LOVE". (explained by me and tips by kpopfrance).

October 2010

Wonder Girls attend MIPCOM.

"The MIPCOM opening party is a networking party where around 3,000 MIPCOM buyers and sellers from countries around the world participate. KOCCA is proceeding with advertising Korean culture and excellent Korean programs through the Korean Contents Showcase ceremony."
Read more about it.

KPOP.FR had the chance to meet the girls and interview them. Though you cannot understand french, check out the video at 06:28 to catch some words from Yeeun, greeting in french and saying that they absolutely want to meet the fans next time (+other cute things, performances cuts).


December 2010

MBC does a report about Hallyu in France.

Article posted on OMNTDNT

French fan Maeva Minouflet represents her country at MAMA.

Maeva won the MAMA Contest with her message to Miss A and was given the chance to attend MAMA and represent France.
(4 there's also an interview in french and her video -quite cute-)

January 2011

France 2 makes a two-hours long TV report about Korea.
Articled posted on OMNTD (this post is only about the SHINee and BoA part, yet the documentary treated things like Samsung, religion, etc).

French r'n'b/pop artist Shy'm post a SNSD video on her Facebook.

Though she said they were from JAPAN, she also said they were very cute. (5)

February 2011

YTN makes a TV report about Hallyu in France.
Article posted on OMNTDNT

Belgian channel RTBF introduces K-pop
The journalist quite upsetted some franco-belgian fans for different reasons such as ridiculous voice, accent, or for comparing them to Tokio Hotel in Europe (she meant by all the marketing). But the main discutable thing is when she says: "They sing in Korean, but also in English. It's to try to reach a maximum audience, because we noticed there's the Asian part but also the Western part. They also need to please to Europeans, that's why we feel this r'n'b and pop touch" . The man said: "it's a pity they don't do like in americans MV, washing the cars..." , and the journalist continued: "I thought you would say 'completely nude' , but they're almost nude.." . But the man also added: "I think it's nice for girls who want to dance a bit" . Then the woman reads a bit of SHINee's Hello and SNSD's Gee lyrics, making fun of them, but the man recall that ou 90s boysbands weren't better. The woman concludes with: "it's pretty mindless stuff but it's enjoyable" .
Link to the video/article.

And last but not least, Teen Top appeared TUESDAY in a french global/news show!

Tania Bruna Rosso introduced her segment "La Minute T" with a contest of the most unusual MV from all over the world. Teen Top made it at 3rd place, and here is my translation:
TBR: Lastly our candidates are six young men from South Korea. They're the Teen Top and they're so efficient that we'd believe them made by computer generated images, this is Supa Love for number 3. [MV] So them... The synchronization "à la" M. Pokora (note: M. Pokora is a french rnb artist. Funny fact is that he's been choregraphed by none another than SHAUN EVARISTO), the incredible hair colors right, there's all the flavours like Mr Freeze (*water ice), the blue one is raspberry, don't ask me why, the chorus is quite haunting, they're quite effective, what do you think about the korea pop?
Adriana Karambeu: It's nice.
Man: Yes it's modern, it's-
TBR: Right it's not bad! It could be exported in France.

To conclude, I should add that french fans (mainly KPOP.FR crew) all mobilizated to create a Korean Culture event here in Paris on May 8th, called Korean Connection. What is interesting is that on Facebook they started two big projects. The first one, is to organize a trip in April to be able to attend Music Bank and have a meeting with idols. KBS said it was okay but they had to dance at the famous Trocadéro. They now will be able to attend the show. The second was a petition to make an artist come to this convention. They made a deal with their sponsors, it was to reach a certain amount of members and "likes" on Facebook. They succeed and their sponsors asked for a concert. Now, they have different contacts and there will be a k-pop concert. They just keep the names secret because they wait for the final decision from the company.

So, what do you think about it? Do you think the Hallyu Wave will just follow the J-Rock one? Do you think it will be bigger, more intense? Do you think it will reach Europe? World? T B C.

Sources: AKP | KPOP.FR | RTBF | KPOPFRANCE.COM | DKPOPNEWS (numbers in the article are the 'real' sources) and all of us who posted here.
It took me hours to make this post, translating, copy-pasting, re-uploading so please be considerate, do not make me post it again (just comment and i'll edit if there's something wrong), don't spam me with rage etc, i only bring you some information and it was so tiring duh :'|
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  • This Sunday on Inkigayo !

    Who performed what: SHINee - " Atlantis " • Whee In - " water color " • Kang Daniel - " Antidote "…

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