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Ivy still isn't getting treated like the queen she is

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Seems like Ivy’s misfortunes keep piling up, one on top of other.

Not too long ago, Ivy and another top female singer had agreed to create a duet together. They had already
started taking pictures for their album, and were preparing for promotions when unforeseen obstacles forced the project to be canceled.

One entertainment representative stated, “For this project, Ivy’s representatives contacted the broadcasting stations for her appearance on air. However, after the broadcasting stations refused to let Ivy perform, the project was just canceled.”

Apparently, the main reason was because Ivy’s previous agency had lobbyed the broadcasting station employees with stocks. The company employees were caught and sentenced, but the station’s representatives are still wary of letting Ivy
back on stage.

But Ivy sought to overcome her hardships and made a comeback in 2009 with the song, “Touch Me”. Still, the problems of her previous company continued to haunt her, and Ivy wasn’t able to perform as often on air.

While Ivy is struggling with the aftermath of that situation, she’s also battling with her current company
through a lawsuit that isn’t quite reaching its end.

Concerned over the weight of such issues, Ivy’s fans are hoping that she’ll be able to endure just a little bit longer, and make a successful comeback later

Yahoo! Korea

someone please give this HBIC a break.
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