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Roses because you're so charming and special. Anyways, on with the quotes!

“It’s not something to boast about, but I don’t think it’s anything to be embarrassed about either.” - Supernova member Geon-i's opinion on idols getting plastic surgery.

Do you like celebrities more if they are honest about their plastic surgeries?

Don't care either way

[OMONA'S PRAYER LIST] anthonyeusebio will go around collecting your donations.

Mir’s lower back has not been in good shape and because of the packed filming schedules, his condition got worse. He needs to receive physical therapy daily in order to get better“. - official announcement from J. Tune Entertainment

“The surgery went well but we have to wait on his condition. …Requiring immediate rest, this also complicates MBLAQ’s current promotions.” - representative speaking on Mir's back surgery.

"The nurse noona who said I can’t even sit up has gone somewhere, keke I’m really not in pain„, I was faking it„ ㅠㅠ kekekeke - Mir's Message @ Cafe

“I only found out about the finger fracture two days after the recording~ I thought it was bearable~ keke They should’ve given me a smaller finger cast from the start~ It’s really clean, I like it a lot. Bone, please stick fast! keke” - Super Junior’s Leeteuk

“The two were kicked out of the group for committing a shameful and scandalous act. We will be pressing charges against Nara and Seoyeon, as well as their former road manager for being involved with it.” - representatives of 2B Entertainment commenting on B2Y's former members, Nara and Seoyeon. obv lots of sex n drugs etc.

“Politicians are indifferent and senseless, their selfish interests and thoughtless strategies to renew the landscape of the entire peninsula is taking precious homes away from birds.” - Self-acclaimed “walking bird encyclopedia,” Yoon Moo-boo

They said that if my vision doesn’t get better, I would be unable to be a soldier on active duty. I plan on going after getting my vision corrected.” - Taecyeon on corrective eye surgery.

"We both agreed to do it for fun, but if it was uncomfortable for you to watch, I'm sorry. I hope that you don't think badly because of this" - T-ara member Hyomin apologizing so butthurt VIP's will stfu & leave her cyworld and go shave their backs.

“To be honest, Changmin is too tall and he’s also too good looking, so I feel very burdened. So I wear cushion insoles whenever I stand next to him, - 183cm tall Yunho commenting on 185cm tall Changmin.


“I’m thankful towards my mother. I lost about 3.5 kg for my comeback, and I was originally a DD-cup, but they shrunk down to Ds.” - G.NA

"First off, I wish for the members who are currently in the military to safely finish their services. Afterwards, all the members will need to meet together and talk about it." - Tony An on a H.O.T reunion. but..... ru sure tho?

"Are you drunk?" - TOP answering a call from Seungri.

"Seungri we're a team. Don't say anything stupid. When ever you go out the hyungs really worry. - GD in a call with Seungri

*Lee Soo Man voice*“Alright, go ahead and date within the company. It’s more comfortable for us too… That way if a scandal breaks loose, we can easily block it.” - Kim Heechul

“We have been actively supporting the collaboration between our artists and the overseas producers, there are many American Hip Hop musicians who like BIGBANG and 2NE1. I have also been taking advice from them.” - The president of YG Entertainment

“I was grateful for the adoration I received in Korea, but I had no freedom,” - Yun Jung Hee

I think he's the type that says the main character of the drama he likes at the time is his sort of love - TOP on Seungri's dating style

Hello!!!!! I’m the guitarist of the Japanese band, Alice Nine. I followed you. I like FT Island’s songs~ - Alice Nine guitarist Hiroto tweeting FT Island vocalist Lee Hongki

"Changmin's a good kisser." - Yoo Hana

“Seohyun is the prettiest out of all of the celebrities. Out of us two, I think it’s a waste for Seohyun to be with someone like me.” - CNBLUE’s Yonghwa

"I think Ha Ji-won is a real actress. She cried at the scene where Kim Joo-won and Gil La-im went into the rain. She looked like she was crying from a viewers point of view and touched me" - Kang Sim Jang

“I will deliberately lose to girls. If I fight with my girlfriend, I will correct my mistakes, and apologize first by saying ‘sorry’.” - Changmin

“As a dedicated fan, I am very excited to be on the same stage with her,” - IU commenting on being a guest-perform for Corinne Bailey Rae’s first Korean concert.

I want to become like T.O.P from boy band Big Bang. I met him recently at the waiting room for a show and tried real hard to keep a conversation going with him but I felt like a commoner trying to speak to an aristocrat. - C.A.P of Teen Top

"On the day of the event, the American Billboard's editorial director Bill Werde requested a big applause from the audience after 4minute's performance and said "It's sad that a group like this is only acknowledged in Asia." - 4minute's representative... omona seems to disagree.

“In fact, before I met the members, I spent half of my life thinking that I was the prettiest in the world“. - SNSD’s Sooyoung

“He’s really strong, it really hurts when you get hit by it!” - f(x)’sLuna commenting on Onew’s ‘ddak-bam‘ skills

“Then, the bodyguard appeared making a shield with his hands and protecting me. My heart started fluttering.” - f(x)’s Sulli

[4ever alone]

“Yunho always greets the other f(x) members kindly by saying things like, ‘Our cute Luna, hello! Charming Krystal, hello!’, but to me he just says, ‘Sulli, hi’, which makes me a little disappointed.” - f(x)’s Sulli

"I’ve notified everyone that I terminated my account with the company as of June 21, 2010, but music industry representatives will not discuss any activities with me because my exclusive contract is still valid with STOM E&F. I have filed a lawsuit in order to prove that the contract is invalid.” - Ivy

‘Can’t I get a grandson somehow?’ - Jaejoong’s father

“We still don’t have cell phones. At this point, we’ve all forgotten what cell phones are even used for.” - the Secret members

“After joining Big Bang and living in the same apartment, me and G-Dragon went without talking for 3 months“. - Seungri

[leave me 4everalone]

“Fans say that they need to know about my private life, and there are also those who claim that I have to tell them. Personally, I do not want to show everyone everything. If I show everyone all I have, what do I have left to show? There’s a lot of rumors going around, but I don’t want to tend to those. Do people want a bad ending, or a good ending?” - Hyun Bin

”I’m saying it again, I’m very sorry to all the kind B2UTYS but to those fans who know my phone number, please keep it to yourselves. I’m tired of all the prank calls and messages. Please.“ - Beast's Yong Junhyung

[4ever wet]

"with my wife after I marry, with bubbles in the tub." - Jaejoong revealing the type of kiss he prefers.

[4ever a lie]
You know when interviewers ask if I have a girlfriend and I say stuff like "No, because I have my fans!" Yeah...that's all a lie. - Seungri

[Give love/peace a chance]
“Teenagers are still led to believe homosexuality is something dangerous or unnatural,” - Jong Geol Lee of Korean gay men’s rights group Chingusai

"There are a few eyebrows that go up in the air when they hear that I'm working with one of the world's "most evil regimes", but with cultural work, one can go further than what the politicians can because they are more bound by the current high political situation." - Morten Traavik

“We have not forgiven him yet! We won’t be forgiving him until he does better! How dare he get the dance wrong? Unbelievable. We’ll be working hard to show a better stage next time! We are sorry.” - Teen Top's Changjo joking about Niel's choreography malfunction on Inkigayo.

- Prince tellin Kim Kardashian to move her ass off the stage if she aint gonna shake it.

Prince gives Kim Kardashian the boot
Uploaded by splashnews. - News videos hot off the press.

We are preparing to show Infinite’s own color in Japan’s stage that we can’t show here, and for them to agree with us - infinite

“I’ve been watching over KARA since they were trainees, so it feels good to see the level of popularity they’ve achieved in Japan. - Kim Kyu Jong

It is a good luck tradition to end a post with netizen quotes


"uee is seriously pissing me off... are you even an idol? take care of your body. how much do you even weigh? I bet you weigh over 60 kg for real - -; if you stand next to goo hara you look like a sumo wrestler" - Netizen

“I’d like for you to think of others when you’re taking part in interviews,” Netizen trolled by Seungri

“That was too negative of an expression to make regarding Korean idols.” - Netizen who can't handle honest opinions about plastic surgery.

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ofc this is the part where I say "omg share moar quotes guise :D", nobody does & I remember...

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