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Khuntoria Ep 33 Eng Sub: Invasion of the Beasts pt2

On February 12th, the ‘Khuntoria’ couple of MBC’s “We Got Married” continued their housewarming party after inviting the members of 2PM over on last week’s episode.

The group was brought down to the basement in order to watch Nichkhun’s special movie premier of his and Victoria’s homemade “Nu ABO” music video.

The couple then performed 2PM’s “I’ll Be Back” choreography, which brought out much praise from the members. Chansung was unable to take his eyes off of the film and even complimented, “Wow, so good!”

They were then brought back up to the kitchen to feast on the dumplings they prepared. While eating, the members playfully asked Victoria to give her impressions of each of the members.

Victoria called Chansung “cute” and claimed Wooyoung to be “funny.” When she called Junsu “handsome,” Junsu expressed his suspicion over the compliment by asking back whether she was being serious. He pointed to Nichkhun and exclaimed, “The real handsome person is over there! Are you serious?”

Victoria simply replied, “I like everyone!”

While eating their meal, Nichkhun began showing affection towards Victoria by personally feeding her. Clearly trying to make Nichkhun jealous, Chansung inched over and began trying to feed Victoria dumplings. Nichkhun immediately caught on and glared while asking to “follow him outside.”

Catching on to Chansung’s joke, the rest of the members then moved in to ‘hit on’ Victoria while Nichkhun briefly left the scene. Wooyoung asked, “You came here alone, huh?”

Junsu tattletaled to Nichkhun by shouting, “Look, look at this kid!” As Nichkhun drew nearer, Wooyoung immediately switched tactics by giving her a massage and stating, “Please always be healthy and live a long life!,” in his distinctive dialect.

While Nichkhun was ‘dealing with’ Wooyoung, Junsu returned to Victoria’s side and asked again, “Do you still think I’m handsome?”

Wooyoung added, “That was probably his first time hearing that he was handsome ever since his debut.” Junsu retorted, “I heard that I was handsome often when I was younger!”

Chansung jokingly teased, “From who, your mother?”

Thankfully after the members left for their own schedules, Nichkhun and Victoria were able to wind down with the house to themselves.

Victoria massaged Nichkhun’s shoulders and began playing a game that involved following the orders of erasers. Nichkhun chose one that ordered him to say ‘I love you’ in a dialect.

Shy but willing, he made Victoria smile by confessing, “Ah, I love you~”.

Tags: 2pm, chansung, f(x), nichkhun, taecyeon, tv shows, wooyoung

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