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Min chooses Chansung over Nichkhun because of a butt preference

miss A
’s Min recently revealed that she likes Chansung more than Nichkhun.
On a recent broadcast of 100 points out of 100, Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan asked Min, “Between 2PM members Chansung and Nichkhun, who do you like more?”, to which she chose Chansung, stating that, “He has a pretty butt”, causing her fellow cast members to erupt into laughter.
Chansung, who also happened to be a guest on this episode, provided evidence for Min’s confession, as he performed “I’ll Be Back” while showing off his charming curves.
Kim Dong Wan, after stating that he “can’t lose when it comes to butts”, began dancing to Shinhwa’s hit song, “Eusha Eusha”, which contains a butt dance, and he had a short butt competition against Chansung.
On this same episode, Min, who studied abroad when she was younger, showed off her fluent English and Chinese skills, amazing the cast.
This episode comes out on February 12th.

Source: E Daily News and allkpop

she has good taste
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