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someone ripped out dongwoo's hair? tv daily interview with infinite, 3

(follow up to this)

Infinite, who gained fans’ attention with their scorpion dance, is a quite charming group made up of seven mischievous boys.

Many personalities were combined to create Infinite, and just like how a gujeolpan [T/N: A Korean dish with nine different foods] captures the attention of the consumer with its various colored ingredients, the members all have different charms to them.

In the members, there are talkative boys and mischievous pranksters, cute ones and ones that show off a true masculinity.
In the recent interview with TV Daily, Infinite said that they could pass off the hardest times because of how they lived together.

While starting a dorm life together since they were trainees, they put constant effort towards a successful debut. At that time, it was uncertain that they would debut, so all the trainees were tired of waiting for an indefinite ending.

The members brought up past memories where they depended and ran toward their dreams even though there was no promise with their waiting.

Woohyun reminisced a time when they lived in the practice room from early morning to late night. He looked back on it and said, “Because we thought that it was an obvious step towards our dreams, everyone worked really hard. Since practice repeated everyday, we didn’t even know how the days were passing by.”

To this, Sungjong talked about a fun episode that happened during his trainee days. He showed an awkward smile and said, “We fought a lot during our trainee days. Since everyone was tired, we argued many times over minor things like doing the laundry or cleaning. The toilet was clogged one day and we fought over the fact that no one unclogged it. When we thought about it later, it was embarrassing and funny to us.”

Dongwoo helped with this by adding on, “Since we have a lot of members, we decided to divide the labor, but everyone ended up not doing it. We would be tired from practice and it would be really late once we came to the dorms, so I think it couldn’t be helped. So in the end, I think we just gave up on cleaning and doing the laundry.”

The oldest, Sunggyu, showed Infinite’s strong friendship by saying, “As we argued during our trainee days, we learned a lot about the tendencies of each other. We became more attached with each other through that, and it became possible for the members to stick together tighter. Since we stayed together from the beginning of our trainee days till debut, we have feelings like a comradeship.”

At first, 12 people had created the dream of being a singer during their trainee days, but through their sweat and efforts, only 7 people resulted in becoming Infinite.

They showed their strong will with saying, “We think that Infinite hasn’t had its real success yet. Before debuting, we promised to each other that until we’re content with our results, we won’t look at anything else besides music promotions.”

Infinite, who was created with intense willpower, have infinite possibilities like their name.

As Infinite released their second mini album, Evolution, they are receiving feverish support from fans with their matured music and scorpion dance performance.

With their title song, ‘BTD (Before The Dawn)’, they show a performance with their dark charisma and bring out a masculinity that’s different from other groups. Fans can’t hide their hearts that flutter even at one hand movement, and sent out feverish love.

The relationship between Infinite and their fans is famous for being really close. They have a next-door-oppa type of friendly feel, and they enthusiastically respond to the love that fans give to them. In return, fans repay them by giving customized presents that would fit with the member’s image and overflowing amounts of fanletters.

Through the interview with TV Daily, they picked Woohyun as the member who does fan service the best. Sungyeol complimented Woohyun’s direct fan service until his mouth ran dry. He said, “It’s even to the point where Woohyun’s called ‘Nam Trainer’. He picks the fans up and down [T/N: teases them], and he’s so good at fan service that even I get shocked watching.”

As they started talking about fan service, the Infinite members revealed episodes about their fans.

Dongwoo, who capture the attention of fans with his red hair, revealed that he had a lot of troubles due to his hair. Dongwoo revealed the hurt he had because of his bright hair color by saying, “At the time I had red hair, we were doing a fansigning and maybe this fan found my hair interesting, but she pulled it out and took it.”

And they also said that Sungyeol gets scolded by his fans. Woohyun revealed Sungyeol’s humiliation with saying, “Because Sungyeol has the choding/elementary schooler character, the fans think of him as the most comfortable. Maybe it’s due to this, but after monitoring Sungyeol’s shows, the fans scold him.”

Because of Sungyeol’s elementary schooler image, even the fans’ gifts are that of an elementary schooler. It’s to the point where fans send Sungyeol oil pastels for elementary schoolers [something like this], colored pencils, and as they give 500 pieces of colored paper, they suggest him to do origami.”

To this, Sungyeol only secured his image with elementary schooler thinking by saying, “There are a lot of elementary schooler supplies in our office storage that the fans sent. I think I won’t have to worry about school supplies later on when I have a son.”

The fans of Infinite are clever and unique. There was a time where in worry that their oppas would get hurt in a large crowd, the fans acted like guards and another time when a fan gave her signature instead to Infinite during a fan signing.

Didn’t they say that lately fans become more similar to the singers? Infinite, who has infinite possibilities that may go anywhere. And their fans that are exactly the same as them, are cheering on Infinite’s future. It seems like it isn’t that far off till, Infinite, who grew with their fans’ infinite love, will lead the music industry of Korea’s public.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
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