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Yoo In Na discusses Secret Garden, Humming Urban Stereo, etc

On February 10th, actress Yoo In Na guested on YTN’s “News & People” and heated up the hearts of her soldier fans by revealing that she’d visit twice a month if her boyfriend was serving in the army.

The actress was asked what she thought about her fellow castmate on “Secret Garden,” Hyun Bin, enlisting in the marines, to which she replied, “If I had a boyfriend like Hyun Bin that voluntarily enlisted in the army, I would probably tell him that I was proud of him.”
She continued, “I don’t think he’ll miss me if I went too often, so I think I’d visit maybe twice a month.”

When asked whether she ever thought of doing the ‘foam kiss’ with Hyun Bin instead of her partner, Kim Sung Oh, she replied, “I’ve never actually thought of it. The scene with Kim Sung Oh wasn’t originally planned, and he made about 20 NGs. The directors were also enjoying the atmosphere on set and made us do it many times over.  If my partner was Hyun Bin and not Kim Sung Oh, I would probably do my best to make an NG during the foam kiss.”

The reporter then asked about her first impressions of Ha Ji Won, and she replied, I thought Ha Ji Won senior would be scary, but she’s very innocent and niceShe’s cute, and also has a lot of aegyo.

When asked about her impression of ‘Hyun Bin oppa,’ she answered, “He’s not my oppa, we’re actually the same age.  Manners just seem ingrained in his body, he’s very cool.

Yoo In Na also recently featured in Humming Urban Stereo’s latest digital single, which led the reporter to ask what the singing profession meant to her.  She replied, “When I see the singers in my agency, they’re all so talented that I can’t imagine even thinking about singing.  When I see Big Bang and 2NE1 rehearse, I realize that not anyone can become a singer.  When I was younger, I had greed for both singing and acting, but during my trainee years, I felt more charmed by acting.  I don’t think about singing lately, I think it’s difficult to call me a singer because I just sang one song.”

On her goals for the future, Yoo In Na concluded that she’d like to become an actress that makes a long-time name for herself in the industry.  “I officially debuted through ‘High Kick Through the Roof,‘ which means I was basically a trainee for 10 years.  I enjoyed the training part, so it wasn’t difficult for me, but the endless waiting and my opaque future did often scare me.”

She continued, “Whenever it got difficult, I began wondering why I had started this career path, and why I was living.  The conclusion was always just ‘because I want to be happy.’  In order to become happy, I knew that I had to be an actress, which is how I was able to withstand it.”
Yoo In Na concluded, “When I saw my trainee friends debut before me, I wasn’t jealous.  I just thought, ‘Wow, they must be really happy.  I want to be with them too.’”

Source: TV Report, Newsen, My Daily, Xsportsnews via Nate and allkpop

On February 9th, actress Yoo In Na guested on MBC Radio’s “Blue Night, This is Jung Yeob” and shared her thoughts on working with Humming Urban Stereo for his latest digital single, "You That Day

She began, “I was worried about messing up the song, but I earned a better response than I thought, so I’m glad.  I felt my voice was a bit awkward at first, but listening to it more made me like it, and now I turn it up loudly in my room.”

The actress often talked about how she hoped to pursue a singing career, and so she was asked whether she wanted to join a particular girl group.  She replied, “It’s probably impossible, but I’d like to join 2NE1.”

When asked to choose her ideal man, she chose actor Kim Kab Soo and explained,Kim Kab Soo’s acting is so moving.  My ideal man has since changed to him.”
The DJ mentioned how a lot of male celebrities (such as Lee Kwang Su, G-Dragon, and Lee Seo Jin) chose her as their ideal woman, and Yoo In Na shyly replied, “Their ideal women have probably all changed now.”
The actress was also asked about how she came to develop a friendship with IU, who’s 10 years younger than her. Yoo In Na mused, IU is mentally older.  An hour really isn’t enough when we’re complimenting each other, and I still haven’t been able to find any of her flaws.
Her guest appearance concluded with a heartwarming shout out to her family members, after it was revealed that Yoo In Na worked hard for 10 years in order to reach her current level of fame.  “I don’t have an amazing story to tell, like how my family was against my career choice, but my family did worry a lot about me.”

Source: OSEN via Nate and allkpop

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