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Valentine's Message from Nam Goddess

This is my sweet greeting for Valentine's Day^^

Yeah ~ How is everyone doing?
This is 4minute's oldest unnie who boasts about being the oldest , Jihyun ^^

A lot of you didn't get to see us while we were promoting
The fact that you would miss us touched me
So, this is why I'm typing this message.

2011 has already begun and the first month has passed
It's the second month and I feel that time is flying fast… Am I right?
Hmm also ~ ~ In particular !! In February, there's Valentine's Day… On which a lot of people share love…

In order to share love with the fans too,
I'm leaving these words sweet like chocolates as my present (( I got goosebumps~~^^

Haha, yeah, at the moment we, 4minute, are spending our time working hard preparing our Korean album.
Every time we are recording a song, I'm yearning to let you hear it quickly,
As it is our album!! As we would get to see each other after a long time!!
Since we'll show you a more stylish and a more polished appearance and since we will be a little late,
Please wait for us,,
We'll supersede the pain from waiting for us with our more refined album..
Alright then ! The people who consent to wait a little longer
Together say huh~~huh huh say hump..!! The responding fans' chants are echoing as we are bouncing our pelvises and our heads…!!
I'm going too far once again, please be understanding ~~
Please do watch out for us in 2011 too

Promise me!!
Because we spent Valentine's Day in the recording studio as well
Everyone, please enjoy this day with this little bit of 4minute too
I love you..♥

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