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dream high wants to serve you a blowjob in a club

The fan favorite drama Dream High has been under the spotlight for the past few weeks for its star-studded cast list, but it looks like a few amused fans have noticed a few intriguing details completely unrelated to the storyline.

On the set of Samdong’s club scene in Episode 11, a list of ten shooters (alcoholic mixed drinks) is written on a large white board for 5000 won (~$4.44 USD). The list includes –excuse me for the language– “abortion,” “blowjob,” “brain hemorrhage,” “blue sky,” “Freddy Kruger,” “hard dick,” “quick fuck,” “rocket fuel,” “suicide” and “tequila slamma,” complete with the alcoholic recipes written on the side.

The hilarious part is that all of the shooters mentioned on the list are actual mixed drinks; as I’m sure our older readers know, it wouldn’t be difficult to find a bartender making these at bars, lounges or clubs in both the States and Asia. Furthermore, alcoholic drinks with offensive names are the norm, such as “pink pussy,” “slippery nipple,” and, my personal favorite, “sex on a beach.”

Although this only appears briefly and oblivious Korean viewers probably wouldn’t understand it anyway (after all, this detail was discovered by international fans — the screenshot was originally posted on Tumblr), it’s pretty surprising that something like this would be deliberately created for the set then put on broadcast. Yet despite its minuteness, I think it’s unnecessary to expose Korean viewers to such profane English words when it could be easily avoided. Props for the accuracy, at least!

source: akp
Tags: drama

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