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Seungri’s “horror” photos on Running Man

SBS’s variety show, ‘Running Man’, has always succeeded in cracking up its audience, but on this week’s episode, the cast gave fans a special, laugh-worthy treat!

For this episode, Big Bang’s Seungri made a special guest appearance. While that’s pretty exciting for fans, the highlight of the show was when the members took some hilarious pictures of each other.

During a game, the members had their photos taken while their faces were being pinched and pulled by the other members. The point of the game was to take a funnier photo than Hwang Myung Sun’s, an audio staff member. With MC Yoo Jae Suk behind the lens, the members tried their best, but found that they were no match for the hilarity of Hwang Myung Sun’s portrait.

Seeing their faces scrunched up and squished in all different ways, some netizens wiped the tears from their eyes and described the photos as ‘horrors’.

Seungri is an elusive catch

Big Bang’s Seungri is well-known for his talents in singing, dancing, and always looking fine, but the idol recently added another skill to his repertoire – running away. Hilariously, Seungri revealed his secret ability by running away from the eight ‘running men’ on this week’s episode of SBS’s ”Running Man“.

For this episode, Seungri wore a hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) and dodged the running man members inside the Museum of Traditional Music. Even though he came face-to-face with the running man members, he was able to calmly pass them by, showing off his nerves of steel.

Seungri was disguised in various costumes throughout the show in order to avoid detection, but whenever he got spotted, the ‘VVIP‘ star refused to give up and kept running away. Although Seungri gave a good fight, he was eventually captured by his cast members.

The viewers were said to have been delighted by Seungri’s dynamic energy and enthusiasm, and although he’s evolved into a VVIP, they clapped as they cheered, “What a ’strong baby’!”

Running Man Episode 30 Raw


This the raw episode without subtitles but extremely hilarious nonetheless!^^ I recommend you guys watch it! ^^

bonus!joong ki

i love running man!

source: KAddictified@dailymotion | ibigbang | ibigbang | allkpop

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