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Yoon Eun Hye HelloTV Interview: “Person Makes the Person”

Sympathy, Communion, Immersion For The Sake Of Acting

The youngest member of a girl group became a top star with a single drama.
What meaning could the hours of living the life as Go Eun Chan of MBC <1st Shop of Coffee Prince> have for her?
When we met her during the filming of a movie, , she was still exuding the scent of Eun Chan. Tender while seemingly easy-going and feminine while seemingly energetic, but from the glaring eyes which seems to belong to someone outside of her age group, we definitely sense that something has changed. What has made her this mature?

Greed In Work

Because I debuted so young, at an age 16, I was completely clueless in dealing with people. I'd always be tense because I would get scolded, but not know what I had done wrong. Then as things would become more difficult as my responsibilities grew, I became a very particular person. When people ask at times, "are you a perfectionist?", I'd ask myself "Am I a perfectionist?" and "Don't other people have such greed as well?". It's a greed that I didn't have during younger days because I was clueless, and I got it only after I was finally able to control my work. When I think back, I feel that director Lee Yoon Jung and Mr. Gong Yoo of MBC <1st Shop of Coffee Prince> had the same propensity. I think that's why we were able to mutually agreed in things so quickly. But because of the image that I showed on the broadcast was bright and cute, looking childish, some people would easily misunderstand if I showed a bit of fuss. I was shocked by such responses in the beginning, thinking "Why would they misunderstand? Isn't everyone particular and sensitive in regards to their work?". But honestly, I now know that they misunderstood because of the image that I had created. It's really fortunate that there are people who say that they are sorry for misunderstanding me after watching me for a long time.

Inheritance From Parents

I took after father and mother equally, half from father and half from mother. Just as it is for anyone else, parental influence is huge. There's something that I already worry about. Because I'm an entertainer, I worry if I'd be able to ride on a subway with my kid or do things that a normal parents could do for their kids. It's sad that I won't be able to show everything to my child, compared to how I learned and grew up with my parents. I'm thinking that my child has to grow up like I had, to become someone who can be a frugal and generous. My mother is a very generous, giving person. In contrast, my father is the standard of being a thrifty person. If I had only took after my father, people would have called me a stingy person. And if I had only took after my mother, I may have heard people say that I was too wasteful.

Hidden Talents

I have never cried in front of my mother once I became mature. Because I was the one who wanted to do it and because it's a work I began by being stubborn against parents' wishes, I couldn't cry because I was afraid that they'd worry. I just wanted to succeed and make them happy. I had somewhat of a talent in art, and because I kept winning awards without taking classes, they were probably burdened in thinking that they had to have me learn art in high school. Because I fully understood that my family wasn't economically well off, I thought that I can study arts later. I had received some attention for drawing a portrait of Kim Hye Ja Sun Sang Nim (teacher or master) during MBC and comic characters during MBC<1st Shop of Coffee Prince>, and I'm just thankful towards the directors for allowing me to show little bit of what I like to do. I actually like abstract art and also have interest in designing. So if there are projects like photoshoots or MD products, I fully get involved in it.

Baby V.O.X

I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't difficult during the ‘Baby V.O.X’ times. I don't know if you'd believe that there was once 30 straight nights that we had to work overnight. Unnies (older sisters) were responsible for me in the midst of hectic schedules. And unlike how some outsiders thought, they were being considerate, making sure that I wouldn't walk towards a wrong path. They weren't being mean with their strong personalities. But at the time, I was disappointed. There were too many things I couldn't do as a minor, and I wouldn't even have a chance to grab a drink and talk openly with them. When I look back, I'm grateful because I think I was able to grow up as a proper person thanks to them. When I first joined the group, I didn't know that it had a sexy concept. I had thought that I was supposed to be a cute character, but they asked me to wear revealing clothes and dance in a sexy way. I was upset because I wasn't able to perform as well as them, I was uncomfortable and upset because I didn't look good in sexy outfits. I didn't think at the time that my age was too young. I still don't think that. I don't think that there's anything you can't do because of age.

Chae Kyung From Goong

I didn't have the luxury to look around during "Goong", as I wasn't even in a position to be able to take care of myself at the time. There's a saying that ignorance is courage. If I knew what was involved in acting then, I don't think that I would have been able to even try. When I was cast in "Goong", I didn't know that I'd play the Chae Kyung role. I didn't even know that there was a comic book called 'Goong'. At the time, I had answered well by saying, "I have a younger brother, and my parents...", when director Hwang In Rae asked questions during the first meeting. I didn't know but I felt embarrassed when I got home and read 'Goong', what I said at the meeting was exactly how Chae Kyung was. It was as if I was trying to get the Chae Kyung role all along, going and washing my face instantly because the director wanted me to get rid of my makeups. I think he looked favorably upon me answering his questions in an honest and natural way. Because my opposite role, Mr. Joo Ji Hoon and I both felt such a big burden with our acting, we weren't able to become close and ended up only saying things like "Ah, is that so? and did you eat?" to each other for 7 months. I feel sorry and embarrassed towards the people who has given "Goong"'s Chae Kyung lots of love, because I didn't even know enough at the time to say anything about how I felt while acting. I merely did what the director and the staff members had asked me to do. What more is there to say? I didn't even know how to connect the front and back scenes and what a 'bust' was.

Eun Chan VS Kang Hye Na

I knew that people wouldn't be satisfied, no matter what role I played next after "1st Shop of Coffee Prince" had ended. Because Eun Chan was such a lovable character and without any pretense, I knew that people would say that I didn't fit the role no matter what role I decided on. So I decided to do something different, to show a feminine aspect this time. In some ways, Kang Hye Na of KBS "My Fair Lady" has some similarities with me, she acts strong from the outside, but carries many thoughts inside. But people showed hostility towards her, without giving her a chance. And there's also an aspect that I wasn't able to escape from completely being immersed in the previous project "1st Shop of Coffee Prince". For many reasons, and because I didn't perform as well, I don't think it was a project that the fans were satisfied with. I wonder why people so easily used the word "failure" at the time, for a 17% ratings isn't something to be criticized as such. But there's something that you gain in whatever you do, if you do your best. At least the fashion became an issue. There weren't anyone who said that "Yoon Eun Hye" didn't look right with the outfits.

Concerns of Actors

There was something attractive when I had received the scripts for KBS "Vineyard Man". It could be because I had an experience of living in the countryside when I was young, but I was imagining the scenes while reading the scripts. For example, I was thinking that it would be funny if I wore the heels in such environment. I liked it, because unlike "Goong", it was a project that I could present my ideas. But after the project ended, people pointed out that it was the same acting as in "Goong". I was sure I had acted differently than in "Goong", and I thought it was acting that bottled little more thoughts. I was concerned, thinking if I had to change everything about myself, from head to toe, including the way I talk to be accepted. That's when I saw the scripts for the "1st Shop of Coffee Prince". A project that was perfect for my situation, that allowed changes from head to toe, way of talking, and all actions, appeared. I quickly went to meet director Lee Yoon Jung, but I had tears in my eyes even before I had a chance to say a single word to her. I had a painful experience in the past when I was cast in MBC "Que Sera Sera", and had to end up dropping out against my will. I couldn't help it because the first thing director Lee Yoon Jung said to me was that she's heard so much about me from director Kim Yoon Chul of "Que Sera Sera". I cried for 15 minutes after meeting her. We didn't even end up talking about the project, we ended up talking about other things until I left. Afterwords I became Eun Chan.

Turning Point

Kang Nam Gil, Yim Ye Jin Sun Sang Nim "Teacher, Master" in "Goong" and Kim Chang Wan, Lee Mi Young Sun Sang Nim were my parents in "Vineyard Man", but because I didn't know anything at the time, they were just senior actors and I couldn't think of them as parents. It's sad when I think about it now. But everything changed starting with <1st Shop of Coffee Prince>. I finally realized it after acting with Park Won Sook Sung Sang Nim, who played my mother, and felt sorry towards the senior actors I had acted with before. While she didn't tell me to act in a such a way, I became naturally immersed in the role because she treated me as if she was my real mother. I realized that, "Ah, this is how I have to do it, I have to treat her like my mother in order for us to look like mother and a daughter, if I don't give my heart to the male actor we won't look like we are in love.." Now it's difficult to act without being immersed in sympathy and communion.

Same Age Friends

Although Seo In Young and I are the same age, we weren't able to stay close while performing in respective girl groups. It was actually after we went on a separate career path, because we had the same stylist, when we were able to stay closer. In Young and my personalities are completely opposite. If In Young is active, I stay home, cook and take care of others. She's a genuine person. She had also gone through many hardships, and has become more matured. As for the same age, there's also Park Han Byul, who's acted with me in this movie, . I found out that she's really amazing. She's only played the roles of being a pure and innocent character before. But she told me that it was so uncomfortable playing such roles as if she was wearing clothes that didn't fit her. She comes off as a innocent and coy person who is unaware of the real world, but in reality, she's very cool. She's energetic and loves to drive like a guy, and she doesn't get hurt by the negative comments on net. She's really different compared to me. shows everyday lives of those in their twenties in a sincere way, and my role is an extremely common character. So, I just acted like Yoon Eun Hye, in a completely straightforward way. Instead of thinking "Should I try to be funny here? or should I try to make it fun?", I just immersed into the role and really showed my everyday self.

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