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Artists postpone comebacks/debuts because of Big Bang’s comeback!

As Bigbang officially announced the team's comeback date as February 24th, the people in the music industry are trying to avoid a head to head competition with Bigbang, who is making a comeback after two years and three months.

On the 14th, YG revealed Bigbang’s comeback teaser image on YG’s official blog and announced that ‘on February 24 Bigbang’s 4th Mini Album will be released’. Bigbang after releasing their second full album with ‘Sunset Glow’ as its title track in November 2008, the members caused sensations in the music industry through their solo and unit activities.

After YG confirmed Bigbang’s comeback date, singers, from singers who have not debuted to top-class singers, are trying to change their debut and comeback dates. A spokesperson from an agency that is preparing a new idol group mentioned, “There are no benefits in releasing an album when Bigbang releases its album. We are planning on postponing the debut date to after March”.

Some popular solo artists who were likely to release their albums in March are also trying to postpone their album release dates. Those who had a hard time picking a comeback day in January because of big stars such as DBSK(TVXQ) are facing the same problem now after Bigbang’s comeback date was confirmed.

The music industry is also paying sharp attention to the news that Bigbang is releasing a mini album, not a full album. Many are speculating that Bigbang is not going to end their group activities with just a mini album after a two year break. Considering YG’s unconventional style of doing things, many are guessing that Bigbang’s third full album could be released after the mini album.

The fact that YG and Bigbang have been putting in their best efforts for this comeback supports this speculation. Bigbang went to the States just two weeks (on February 7) before the ‘Bigshow’, which will be Bigbang’s comeback stage for the new album, and filmed a high-budget music video there.

We can speculate that Bigbang will not only release a mini album but maybe something more because Bigbang members, who produce their own music and work on their album until they are satisfied, have waited for two years to confirm a comeback date.

The ‘Bigshow’, the concert which many are looking forward to, is at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium from the 25th to the 27th. Unlike many other idol groups, Bigbang is making its comeback through their ‘Bigshow’ Concert, not through television programs.

The music industry and fans are also very curious about the broadcasting station and the scale of the comeback stage that will be performed. Bigbang’s comeback is definitely a hot issue.

Article from Osen News 

Translated by Beau @ bbvipz, BBVIP
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