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Shin Jung Hwan returned to SK last month plus articles on leg injury

TLTR? I made a summary at the end.

Shin Jung Hwan to return to Korea this month
posted on January 4, 2011

Shin Jung Hwan, who’s been embroiled in a gambling controversy since last year, has confirmed that he will be returning to Korea by the end of the month.

According to reports, Tak Jae Hoon has been consistently calling him and lending his support while persuading him to return. Shin Jung Hwan eventually agreed and told him that he’d be entering Korea by the end of the month.

Tak Jae Hoon previously sent him a video message through SBS’s “Night by Night,” stating, “There are a lot of people worried for you, so please come back and explain your side of the situation.”

Source: Ex Sports News via Daum, akp

Comedian Shin Junghwan Returning to Korea After 4 Months
posted on 18. Jan, 2011

After four long months of Shin Junghwan being in hiding, he’s going ot finally return this Wednesday to Korea.

Back in September of 2010, Shin Junghwan, a comedian and singer suddenly went missing. He canceled various television appearances, claiming he was stuck in the Philippines because he caught dengue fever. Later on it was reported that this was not the truth.

Apparently, Junghwan had gone on a gambling spree while he was in the Philippines which immersed him in a very large scandal. He quickly canceled a flight and suddenly disappeared. However, he did try to continue insisting on his story of being sick with posting an image of himself in a hospital. Once reporters interviewed hospital staff they came to report that the story was false.

The photo below is the one that was posted on the portal site, but was reported to be a fake.

Due to the gambling spree, Junghwan lost a lot of money and has placed himself in a very large sum of debt. Many reporters were seeking him to figure out what had gone wrong for the star. He continued to remain hidden away from any press, until recently. He is now expected to return to Korea on Wednesday after a long hiatus.

Many await his side of the story to find out if he was being truthful about the illness or if there is truly an issue with gambling.

Source: Korean Herald, The Chosunilbo, kpoplive

Shin Junghwan Faces Gambling Charges
posted on 21. Jan, 2011

Comedian Shin Junghwan now faces gambling charges after his return to Korea on Wednesday.

Reporters were awaiting his arrival from the early dawn. Police officers were also there to make sure everything remained safe as well as take Junghwan in as needed. Once the comedian landed in Seoul, he allowed the press to take some photos of him. They had noted that Junghwan looked as if he were rather gaunt.

Just before the police were able to take him away, Junghwan bowed and gave a simple apology of “I’m sorry.” His return has caused his scandal linked to gambling to reignite. He traveled to several different countries to avoid prosecution in Korea where gambling is illegal. Family and friends tried to convince him to return, but even that didn’t seem to work.

He had gambled away millions of won as well as fabricated a story about having Dengue fever. Adding lies on top of the debt he created himself did not please the public. Just before his questioning with the police, he did give a short interview to the public to address the issue. Junghwan stated he was willing to accept whatever punishment he received as well as stating how truly sorry he was for the incident.

Junghwan was held for nearly eight hours at the police station. He apparently admitted to all the charges of gambling. Further details as well as verdict is said to be released soon. However, if he is sentenced, he could face up to three years in prison or even pay a fine of up to 20 million won.

Source: KBS Global, kpoplive

Articles concerning his leg injuries (in chronological order):
1. Shin Jung Hwan apologizes, reveals his leg condition (AKP)
2. Shin Jung Hwan hospitalized again for his leg (AKP)
3. Shin Jung Hwan is recovering from a successful surgery (AKP)
4. Shin Jung Hwan’s post-op condition reported to be quite serious (AKP via omona)

Long story short:
SJH finally comes back to SK on Jan 19 after some convincing from a friend. Once he gets to the airport, he apologizes, shows reporters his leg injury (pictures in links) and then turns himself in to authorities, apparently accepting all accusations during the 8 hours he was at the station. He could face up to 3 years in prison and/or a fine of 20 million won.

He is later hospitalized a second time - SJH broke his leg in a motorcycle accident in 2009 and had to be hospitalized back then too. Turns out the metal rod in his leg from back then broke which is why he had to undergo surgery but everyone was focused on the break in his leg so no one noticed his ankle injury right away... and now his leg could be screwed for life. Ok? Ok!

Saw a bunch of confused comment-ers in the other post so I thought this would clear a bunch of things up.
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