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When TaejinAh tries to stop you from breaking up, you shouldn't break up

As lawsuit complications between the three members of KARA and DSP Media become more and more troubled with turbulence and uncertainties, veteran singer and president of the Korean Singers Association, Tae Jin Ah, recently came forth to intervene in an attempt to settle the situation.

A representative of Tae Jin Ah told Newsen on February 15th, “The presidents of the Korean Entertainment Producers Association and the Korean Singers Association, Ahn Jung Dae and Tae Jin Ah, have been in discussions for several hours in an attempt to resolve problems between KARA and their agency. Nothing is known in detail, however after receiving information from both sides, we are aware that the members of KARA are also in discussions with DSP Media.

They continued, “The Korean Singers Association has been managing the Victim Complaints Center to resolve unfair misconduct of singers. The center received information about the current situation of the three KARA members, and when Tae Jin Ah was informed, he decided to personally arbitrate the matter.

The biggest problem between the agency and the three members seems to lie in the allegedly unfair sharing of revenue. We think the depth of the conflict is deeper than we first thought.

If KARA disbands, not only is it a big loss to the country, but the media will also begin to take notice of every move of the rough patches between a singer and their agency, thus bringing forth unnecessary noise into the industry. We hoped for the situation to resolve as quietly as possible, so we were really upset when KARA’s side filed a lawsuit.

The representative concluded, “Even though Tae Jin Ah is slowly urging for both sides to reconcile, we feel that it will not be easy to find an immediate agreement.

According to the representative, Tae Jin Ah is encouraging the three members of KARA to take action, while also asking for the agency to have a more open mind about the singers’ perspectives.

AKP+New Daily
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