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This just in: NO one, absolutely no one, wants KARA to break up

Singer Kan Mi Youn recently expressed her disappointment in the ongoing dispute between KARA and their agency, DSP Media.

During an interview with Star News, the singer stated carefully, “It’s difficult for me to say anything as it is a sensitive problem, but I hope it gets solved.”

She continued, “It’s upsetting in itself that TVXQ is divided, so to see KARA in this situation, it’s really saddening.

To be honest, when you get to promote overseas, you become very envious of Hallyu stars like TVXQ. TVXQ was popular in China, Japan, Thailand, Philippines – in every Asian country. Just as a Korean singer like myself, it gave me pride.

Kan Mi Youn concluded, “It’s upsetting that we’re not able to see these proud singers in action. To see that something similar has happened to KARA… the best thing is to maintain their current image. I hope this wraps up on a positive note. I want to keep seeing KARA actively promoting. I hope their problems resolve soon.


inb4 more KARA=DBSK comments/comparisons
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