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'IRIS 2' To Broadcast in Winter 2011

Applauded as a huge success with its astounding viewership rating of 39.9%, 2009’s blockbuster espionage drama, “IRIS“, is planning to broadcast its sequel sometime in winter 2011.

Producer Jung Tae Won from Taewon Entertainment recently met with a reporter and confirmed, “We are currently in the process of writing the screenplay for ‘IRIS 2′. It will be broadcast around this upcoming winter.”

CEO Jung continued, “We have another project planned before the broadcast of ‘Iris 2′, which a lot of people have been showing interest in. I want to try a new blockbuster style that hasn’t been done up until now. Viewers can consider it the Korean version of ‘Troy,’ as the drama is centered around maritime warfare.”

The ‘Korean Troy’ is currently in its production stages and recently began creating the script. A substantial cast of idols is expected to be included in the line-up, with as many as seven leading roles. Because the script is not complete yet, the casting and broadcast schedules are not finalized yet.

Jung continued, “We’re still writing the script with the goal of to begin filming by fall. The actual broadcast date has yet to be decided.”

When asked about whether the original ‘IRIS’ cast would return (particularly Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee), he replied, “We can only discuss castings after the script has been completed. All of the possibilities are left open, but there is nothing confirmed yet.”

However he continued, “We will think about who to cast after writing the screenplay. We are currently writing two versions – one with all the same actors/actresses from ‘IRIS’, and the other with only some of the same actors/actresses. If the screenplay is great, I’m sure the previous cast members will be up for participating in its sequel.”

Important parts bolded. So, all of it.

IRIS 2 will be the Revenge of Sunhwa

Actress Kim So Yeon who played the much-loved and highly popular IRIS character of an elite North Korean agent Kim Sunhwa will be the core storyline of IRIS 2. Due to the Sunhwa impact increasing the episode ratings in the dwindling poorly-performing spin-off, calculated measures have been taken by the production to ascertain their never-ending desire to come out with the sequel will come true.

translated by rubie at soompi.com's Kim So-yeon board

allkpop | Soompi via Nate

DISCUSS. Especially if you've seen the movie.
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