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Japanese fans starting to lose faith in kara; they also like to kick puppies in their spare time

As their scandal continues to snowball and gather headlines, Japan’s love for KARA is starting to cool.

Initally, KARA was still able to take #1 on the Oricon charts despite the outbreak of their scandal. However, after it was revealed that Nicole, Seungyeon, and Jiyoung had filed a lawsuit on February 14th, the attitude in Japan quickly became indifferent.

The Japanese media has predicted that KARA will definitely lose popularity in Japan. This is because fans allowed themselves to get their hopes up when KARA members continued filming their drama with a good atmosphere, only to have their hopes taken away in another wave of conflicts. Japanese fans obviously felt betrayed, and they seem to have gotten tired of the protracted conflict. Japanese news programs are releasing citizen interviews with content along the lines of “I’m sick of it now.”

There is also widespread interest about KARA’s relationship with their Japanese agency, Universal Music Japan. In Korea, the KARA members could put a hold on their activities because it’s more or less a domestic dispute; however, it’s a different story altogether when it comes to their corporate agreements with a Japanese label. If KARA should fail to fulfill their Japanese agreements, they will most certainly damage their marketability and overall reputation.

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