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This is a CL post!!!!!! (plus an excerpt on her from her papa's book!)


original message: 씨엘빠분들을 위한 사진투척!!!ㅋ고이고이 아껴왔던 씨엘씨의 미공개 사진한장공개ㅋㅋㅋ씨엘씨폰에서 직접 전송된 사진이랍니다!비록 미투나 기계를 이용하는게 어려워서 잘못하지만 이렇게 가끔 사진도 보내주구 마음을 전하려하는게 귀엽군요!ㅋㅋ씨엘씨가 랙잭이들 사랑한데요!ㅋ

translation: Here’s a picture for CL’s fans. I really wanted to save this photo. I will show you an undisclosed private picture. This picture was sent directly to me through CL’s phone. Even though she can’t handle using me2day or a computer, but she sent this photo to me. It’s really cute, she wanted to show how much she loves the fans! keke CL said she loves her fans blackjacks keke.

source: me2day of the administrator of cl's official fanclub
translations by: sieljjang@clbaddestfemale fanblog

Soccer player Ki Seung-Yong thinks CL is better than Son Heung-Min
If you’re a soccer lover or sports fan then you know who Son Heung-min and Ki Seung-Yong are. Here’s a little breakdown for those who aren’t familiar.

Son Heung-Min is a South Korean soccer player who plays for German Bundesliga side Hamburger SV
Ki Seung-Yong is a South Korean professional association soccer player who currently plays as a central midfielder for Scottish Premier League club Celtic.

sources: Son Heung-min & Ki sung-Yong’s twitter
translations and additional notes by: sieljjang@clbaddestfemale

Professor Lee wrote about CL in his book :To play well with the laws of Physics

Foreword: Just like yesterday, there are no changes from day to day. I truly believe that every day life is a miracle. To me, Chaerin and Harin’s existence is the greatest gift.

Subject: 14-year-old Paris

Chaerin went to study in France for a month. The day before she left the whole family could not sleep: Chaerin with so much anticipation on this new world, while Harin stayed by her sister’s bed feeling sad because she had to let her sister go, and my wife packing Chaerin’s suitcases and repeatedly packing what her daughter needed. Although for me, her leaving for Paris was not a big deal, I too spent the evening with a heavy heart. My heart felt like ice trickling down my chest.

On the morning of her departure, Chaerin stepped out of the house and picked up the heavy suitcases with ease. Chaerin bowed and said goodbye and she gallantly rode down the elevator without looking back. The morning farewell which came in heavy ended easily just like that with Harin and I going back to start our day with our daily routine again.

Our house was quiet after we finished our routine that day. We went to bed early, my wife and I talked about Chaerin who was probably still on the plane. While we were talking, Harin came to our room because she was scared of sleeping alone. We then didn’t have any choice but to share the small bed among three people. This didn’t make us sleep so well. Primarily because we missed Chaerin, knowing how big a part she is to us. Although we feel like she was still just a young girl it seemed that she had grown up in a day. I tossed and turned in bed thinking, “Will it be same feeling when I give my daughter away in marriage?”

A few days later I got a call from Chaerin. I was worried. “Dad, it’s not fun!” she answered. These words came out from her. “I expected as much,” that’s what I thought.

“Paris is dirty, cold, and the subway stinks. I want to go home.” I wanted to see Chaerin even more when she told me what I wanted to hear. After I hung up the phone I was more settled and calmed down (meaning it eased his worries). I told my wife the phone conversation I had with Chaerin and my wife just smiled.

As I laid down to sleep, suddenly I missed the urine stench subways. I missed the days in Paris. There was an order even in the way cigarette butts and rubbish were scattered; where the people, though they may not have much, were living free. The cobblestone paths that made driving cars exercise, classical music that you could listen to in the subways, Parisians who prefer to raise dogs that are as big as cows, the bleak cold of the winter, Parisians who stood at the bar and drank beer early in the morning, the crystalline Paris sky supporting the ground, the air at the break of dawn and the quietness of Paris. I missed the house we lived in. Sometimes I would take walks with Chaerin in the stroller and at that time I didn’t know the meaning of “the urine smell in the subway.”

Someday, I know she will miss the Paris that the then 14-year-old girl did not find that interesting and this nostalgia will press her to pack her suitcases once more. She will leave Paris missing the stench of its subway and she too will be longing for Paris and the comfort that the stinky smell of the subway brings. As I thought of this I slipped into a peaceful slumber.

source:To play well with the laws of physics ( Papa CL's book)
translated by: sieljjang@clbaddestfemale

Phew! That was difficult.Haha these aren't exactly newsworthy, but I miss the technophobe CL bb ;~;

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