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Big Bang nervous with their comeback

 BIGBANG is feeling nervous right now. After taking a break from domestic activities for 2 years and 3 months, they are going to release a new mini-album. A person close to them said, "They are more nervous now than when they debuted."

Last week, the unit group of GD&TOP and Seungri ended their activities. All 5 members of BIGBANG are at their studio at the YG building day and night preparing for their comeback.

One staff member who has seen them practicing said, "The members feel delighted and blissful for this reunion after such a long time. But they're very nervous since they have to return with stages that match their name, BIGBANG."

Even if BIGBANG's hiatus as a group was long, individual solo activities of the members were abundant. Their last group promotion was "Sunset Glow".

All stages and performances they've shown can be described as "peak performances" especially Seungri, the maknae of the group, who's shown great improvement and has been sweeping all music charts and programs.

[omitted info that has been posted already]

Source: Osen
Translation from Rice & Est @ bigbangworld

Personally, i feel nervous for BIGBANG..i trust they'd make
sick beats and all. Yet after waiting for 2 years fans and critics
alike are waiting to jump at them. Hwaiting BB!!!

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