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DSP reveals Kara's income and contract info

Three days after Seungyeon, Hara, and Jiyoung filed the lawsuit, the agency’s legal representatives have released an official statement refuting the girls’ claims.

On the morning of February 17th, DSP Media’s legal representative, Im Sang Hyuk, spoke with Star News and stated, “It’s said that the lawsuit was filed on February 14th, but it was actually filed on the 11th. Their accusation has not arrived yet, but DSP Media will be preparing to take legal action.  This case is different in various ways from the TVXQ lawsuit.” (Im is also the lawyer for JYJ against SM Entertainment.)

He continued, “The representatives of the three KARA members claimed that each member only received $860 USD from January through June of 2010 from album sales made during their ‘Lupin‘ promotions.  Their claim made it seem as if this amount was all that the members received for their income during this time period, but they are hiding the accurate truth.”

Im continued, “Aside from their album sales, KARA was distributed a total of $200,000 USD per member from income made through CFs, events, broadcast appearances, digital sales, and mobile sales.

DSP Media’s lawyer further revealed that all promotional expenses were taken out from the income made through their album sales, and the girls were given a total of $1 million USD during this promotional period, which was divided into $200,000 USD per member.
Im further claims that Landmark’s demands for a change in administration was an invasion of DSP Media’s administration rights. “After Lee Ho Yeon CEO was hospitalized, his wife received full administrative rights and successfully advanced KARA into Japan.  She has done absolutely nothing wrong.  Because of this, Landmark demanding that the company change administrators is an invasion of DSP Media’s right of management.”

He continued, KARA’s contracts have already passed the evaluation review by the Fair Trade Commission.  There is nothing wrong with their contracts, which is why we believe that Landmark is acting as if these three members experienced a loss in their income.”
Im concluded, “We will continue to attempt discussions, but now that the three members have already taken legal action, we will be responding in the same manner.”

Source: Star News via Naver (1) (2) and allkpop

This is kind of confusing but I guess they're saying that even though they don't make much from album sales, they still make a lot from other activities. They didn't say much about Japan though, which seems to be the real problem.
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