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OMTND Featured Artist: Fanny Fink

Fanny Fink are a duo made up of Myoi and Jae-Mok who create beautiful, dreamy melodies underlined with fragments of breathy electronica. Their most famous contribution to the goodness of K-indie land were having two of their songs on the Coffee Prince soundtrack, 11월 and 좋은 사람 (Good Person).

Fanny Fink - 좋은 사람 (Good Person)

파니 핑크 - Mr. Romance
Available on YesAsia.

01. 24
02. 향을 담은 비 (for haru)
03. Sweet
04. 좋은 사람
05. Signal lamp
06. 11월
07. Railroad
08. 널 만나러 가는 날
09. 다신
10. 민트 하늘의 꿈
11. 바람의 노래를 들어라
12. Lucia

파니 핑크 - 7 Moments
Available on YesAsia
01. Faraway
02. 처음이자 마지막에 관하여
03. River
04. Snowdrop
05. 권태 그 앞에 선 우리
06. Knock
07. 위험한 노래
08. Hey day
09. Hear song
10. 너
11. 다시 사랑
12. 권태 그 앞에 선 우리(feat. Epitone Project)
13. Be with me
14. 처음이자 마지막에 관하여(Radio Edit)
15. 권태 그 앞에 선 우리(Radio Edit)

파니 핑크 - Snowdrop
01 Be With Me (Piano By 최인영)
02 Snowdrop

One of their most hauntingly beautiful songs performed live, 권태 그 앞에선 우리 (We are the Face of Boredom) Google Translate fail

And this is their latest single, 가장 아픈 사랑 (The Most Painful Love) which came out two months ago.

And I adore their digital single Snowdrop - so dreamy and pretty.

BONUS INDIE ORGY - FANNY FINK WITH MATE for the Green Concert last month.

The album pertaining to this environmentally friendly event (and filled with indie goodness from 10cm as well) can be found on YesAsia too ;D

If you require more indie stuff, please trawl through Pastel Music's YouTube Channel - they rule.

Fanny Fink Official Website
Fanny Fink Thread @ Soompi
pastelmusic, ccppark00, fenda747 @ YouTube
TV Daily

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