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newsen interview with blade group infinite

The 7 membered male group, Infinite, are the leaders for blade group choreography. This phrase was created to say that their group choreography has perfect angles as if the 7 members were cut out with blades. The blade choreography started with their debut song, ‘Come Back Again’ to ‘She’s Back’, and continued on in their second mini album with ‘BTD (Before The Dawn)’.

Infinite, who came back with ‘Evolution’ in January and is currently promoting ‘BTD’, said, “We heard the reaction of ‘they changed from boys to men’, the most.” Although they’re endlessly fierce on stage, their real sides are more around the playful 10s.

“You know how they say that the second is more important than the first. The burden was big. We risked everything on this. We kept practicing to the point that we couldn’t even spare an hour. Dieting was a basic and we also dyed our hair. Seems like our image changed a lot. There were a lot of fans who couldn’t tell which member was who at first.”

L and Woohyun also tried out acting through their music video. They practiced by going to an action school, and although they showed a fighting spirit during the music video recording, it was rated as 19+ due to the violence in it. Due to this, only the dance music video was allowed to be aired. The members said, “L, who never hit anyone in real life, actually threw a punch at Woohyun.” Woohyun and L cutely expressed their sadness by saying, “There was a strong stench from the muddy water.” And, “We were recording at -17 degrees so it was really cold. The members only supported us for roughly 30 minutes to an hour.

The ‘scorpion dance’ that appears during the chorus, is the patented dance of Hoya who’s in charge of the choreography. Although it’s a dance that the choreography instructor didn’t know himself, Hoya danced with it since middle school. They went through a lot of trouble since they had to match up in their lines and lay on their body along with having to stand up on one leg. “We matched up the intervals with our feet size. While practicing the scorpion dance, we went to the orthopedic hospital numerous times. It’s a dance where our knees hurt more than our hips.”

Infinite defined this album’s color as “black”. It’s with the meaning that they can sufficiently appeal their masculinity. The magnae Sungjong, who had a gender controversy around the time of their debut, was overly chatty and said, “Because I put an effort in trying to not laugh [T/N: because of their concept], I’ve recently lost my laughter.” And, “I studied what real masculinity was through noir movies and male magazines. The hyungs’ advice helped too.”

When they’re on stage and see each other trying to be cool, it must look funny. Infinite truthfully confessed, “There are times when we burst out in laughter while doing a serious performances.”

It’s already been 8 months since their debut. The dorm that the 7 males live in, only has one bathroom. Once I asked, “Is there anything that changed to your dorm after debuting?” I received a reply of, “Once we get into the top 10 for Music Bank’s K-Chart, our dorm will change. We still haven’t gotten in it yet.” Infinite’s dorm is filled with letters and gifts from fans.

“We set up all our hair and make-up and then promote, so from some point, our clean faces look awkward. It looks somewhat empty. (Sunggyu) Although no one knows who I am when I go out in the streets by myself, if someone’s whispering, I think they are they talking about me’. (Sungyeol)”

L, who’s past pictures were recently revealed, was receiving attention with a proof message for being a BEAST fan on an internet community. However, this wasn’t the truth. The message was put on BEAST’s fancafe was in June 2010th. It was when Infinite had just debuted. One fan printed out the message along with L’s picture and appeared at the fansigning. L, who only saw his picture wrote a message of, ‘it’s me’. This message was quickly spread around, leaving a misunderstanding that ‘L was active in BEAST’s fancafe’.

“I definitely like BEAST seniors. They’re really cool. But I didn’t register in the fancafe and write a message. I didn’t look at the message and only looked at my picture, so it suddenly became ‘proof’. (Laughter)”

In 2011, Infinite is planning to let their group, as well as their members, become more known through variety shows and dramas. They also have their eyes on advertisement deals. Infinite, who’s expressions turned brighter thinking of the time they received a word of encouragement from DBSK, said, “We want to gradually prepare and have our own concert.”

“Our follow up song? There still hasn’t been anything picked for how we’re going to promote. We can guarantee that we’ll always show you a more improved and new side of us. We’ll always put a lot of effort in what we’re doing. Look forward to it.”

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
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